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As a kid, did you sort your Halloween candy?

Asked by Dutchess_III (46938points) October 17th, 2020

I did. Several different ways. I like sorting things.

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Yes. Into three categories. In declining deliciousness:

1) “eat”
2) “live off until next year, hide well”
3) “pretend to like, but keep only to trade with sisters for better stuff”

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Yes. I wanted to see what was what of it all and get rid of anything that had raisins. (Blasted overused filler!)

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You kidding me? My candy never survived to see daylight the day after. Except a few things I didn’t like such as back licorice. I’d make a fair trade with my younger sister for some better stuff out her bag. Due lawful and rightful trade, that was. Cough…

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Yes. I traded candy too.

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Yes. Luckily my brother and I liked completely different things. He liked Butterfingers and any of the coconut filled candy bars. He would also eat the rootbeer flavored candies, and anything that was “too spicy” for me like peppermint patties, or cinnamon candies. I liked milk chocolate, but not with nougat or coconut, and Starbursts, and sour balls, and Sweet Tarts, and those lollies that had the strings instead of sticks, and those square caramels, so it was easy for us to trade (after our parents sorted it all first.

My brother was the type to eat quite a bit of his candy in a day or two, but I could easily make mine last several months.

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