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How can I tell someone that I don't like certain food items ?

Asked by Yellowdog (12183points) October 17th, 2020

I’ve been staying with my mom alot since dad passed away, and she likes to cook for me. She makes an alright Hamburger steak but I don’t like it, even though she thinks I do. Truth is, it makes me gag / heave.

This was never a problem when we had a dog under the table, but now, I mostly sneak and throw it into the bushes.

I also frequently am offered food from people that I would never eat because they have perishable items that probably were not stored right, and their houses are messy with dingledobs hanging from the roof of the microwave and gafoontites hanging from the ceiling, and roaches everywhere.

I am not being ungrateful—its just that I cannot stomach certain things.

How do I tell my mom, for starters, that I don’t like hamburger steak—after she has gone to such effort and expense?

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I’d just be honest with my mom and tell her you don’t like the steak. For eating at other people’s homes, just tell them you aren’t hungry, which you wouldn’t be after seeing dingledobs and gafoontites in their home.

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Invite them to a restaurant or offer to bring carryout that YOU like.

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Cook for Mom and show her what you like, with an emphasis on food she likes, too.

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Ask them what they don’t like first. Make a conversation point out of it.

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I’d just tell your mom you don’t like it much anymore, or aren’t in the mood for it lately and suggest something else.

With the covid situation can you tell friend you are being a little paranoid about eating other people’s food? Or, say you are trying a special diet and are being picky about what you eat. Otherwise, you can just say thank you and throw it out.

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“Mom, I love you. I love that fact that you are willing to cook for me. I’m very fortunate that way. Would you be willing to cook something other than hamburger steak? I don’t care for it. I hope this doesn’t upset you.”

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Lie. Tell your mom you have a sensitive stomach and lately you find burgers can make your stomach upset well into the night. There are lies you have to tell sometimes to spare feelings. You can then suggest other meals she makes that you find suitable for your stomach problems. If she suggests some medications tell her you rather just give up eating something than have to go on some medication to correct the problem. It’s not really a lie either. You said it makes you want to vomit. Just don’t tell her that.

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LOL I’ve been down this rabbit hole once or twice.

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Build a relationship with your mother in which you are able to exchange honest and constructive feedback without hurting her feelings. That is, be brutally honest with her and normalize this as your personality.

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Their relationship is done built @neuraljamkoala. @Yellowdog is grown.

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Yes, I’m middle aged. I’m with my mother since my dad has passed recently. Both my parents were disabled and with mobility issues.

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