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What grades would world leaders have in kindergarten if professionally scored today?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19445points) October 18th, 2020

Or better yet, do we have access to the actual report cards?

For fun can we make up some kindergarten grades. Like Trump vs. Biden score on playing well with others?

Humor welcomed.

Can we make a list of typical on interpersonal subjects that a kindergarteners would be graded on?

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Trump would grab the bulldozer in the sandpit and begin grading the sand.

Biden would point and say that grading all the sand into a corner would be better than a wall.

It would all end in tears before play lunch was over for everyone.

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We did not have grades in Kindergarten.
Even in 1st grade we still got bee stamps.

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Consider there ages and going back 70 odd years in my day it was not available nor conceptualized as yet.
Unless the wealthy families had some other training/care where they learned , I don’t know.

I remember a much older man telling me that in Europe in this case Wales, that at age three he was placed into a school as was the custom then.

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Who even gives grades in kindergarten?

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@Darth_Algar In my kindergarten you got R , S, and E.

R: Requires more effort
S: Satisfactory
E: Excellent

On 10–16 categories. Like playing well with others etc.

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* shrug *

In mine you pretty much passed as long as you could identify a dog as a dog and a cat as a cat.

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trump would have flunked kindergarten because he would have failed miserably at the sandbox test!!!

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