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When deprived of all caloric intake, will a fat person starve to death like anyone else, or will he be able to survive until his fat reserves are depleted?

Asked by ragingloli (49098points) October 18th, 2020

Is the body’s ability to convert body fat into energy up to the task of covering its daily energy needs?

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GQ! I will follow this question. At least one would need water.

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They would live longer than a skinny person would. On average, you can live a month without food, but only a week without water. The fluid intake is probably the same for both of them.

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I’ll say yes. As long as you take in all other required nutrients, you should be OK.

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His scenario calls for no food / no nutrients.

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Fat can provide some but not all of the body’s nutritional needs. After several days, the body will need a source of amino acids and will start breaking down protein to get it.

The body will try to take advantage of more abundant fat, and a person with less fat will run low on fat reserves sooner and so start to need to use more protein sooner, leading to sooner starvation. But an excess of fat won’t prevent the protein from being used, and too much protein loss will start impairing organs, leading to death.

So fat helps you not starve as soon as you would without fat, but no the body can’t just live off of fat alone until it’s all used up. You’ll starve with fat reserves unless you were quite trim when food ran out.

But if you’re fat and you have some external source of lasting protein, rationing it might be a good strategy.

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Asking for a friend?

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They live longer. The tricky part is the salts. If your electrolytes get out of balance you have a heart attack and die.

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@ragingloli “When deprived of all caloric intake, will a fat person starve to death like anyone else…”

Stop worrying about the twilight home for the bewildered that has been chosen for you.

Get out the magnifying glass and bone up on preppers for pinguidity in posterity.

And don’t forget to install the cctv system for the pay-per-view bondage and discipline channel income.

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When all this neck/mouth cancer shit started I was 135 pounds and 6 feet tall. At the end of radiation/chemo I was down to around 110 pounds.

I was told by the radiologist that if I didn’t get a feeding tube it was unlikely I would survive radiation since I would hit a point where I wouldn’t be able to eat or drink anything. And I didn’t have have a fat reserve to live off of.

Around the time I started radiation there was a guy that was pretty much on the same timeline and getting the same treatment. He did not get a feeding tube. He went from around 220 and 5’8” to probably around 140 pounds. It was goddamn brutal to watch. He said he went about a month without eating anything and was only getting down sips of Gatorade. He was not a nice man towards the end.

I wouldn’t have survived what he did. He had a substantial fat reserve.


I was in the hospital for a few days this week. I had a colonoscopy. I was given this jug of hell.

“Get down four liters of the nasty in six hours, and you are going to poop 100 times tonight.”

I still have my feeding tube. So I just poured the shit in a gravity bag and let it slowly drip into the tube going into my stomach while I watched TV. Even with the feeding tube it was still miserable. But at least I didn’t have to taste it.

Oh, here are pictures of our puppies to brighten the day.

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Duhawww! If I was closer I’d take one! Mom is beautiful.

Are you ever going to be free of that feeding tube?
Have you made it to Taco Bell yet?

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