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Any tips regarding a lost toenail?

Asked by filmfann (50064points) October 19th, 2020

I recently lost the toenail from my big toe.
No, I don’t need help finding it.
Any tips on the care of the undernail area until it heals?

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I sure would advise seeing a podiatrist.

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Keep in clean – soak it regularly in warm water.

If you can be barefoot (i.e. keep it open to the air), do so.

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Second vote for seeing a podiatrist. (Are you sure it hasn’t ended up in a quilt?)

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Nah it grows back with a little growth ridge you eventually trim off, then good as new. :)

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Purchase a toe guard to protect the sensitive flesh until the nail grows

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Leave it alone. It’ll be fine. You don’t need to see a podiatrist unless it starts looking infected.

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So my concern is, did you find it?

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A thief took it – but he got nailed.

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owww I would definitely try and get a thing to protect it, I had my toenail fall off once and it just hurt when I randomly hit it on things.

Here is a source

Although it says to seek immediate treatment if the whole thing falls off but I wonder if that’s because you want to make sure it grows back properly .

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Only reason to see a podiatrist or other doctor is if you have a history of foot infections or if you are diabetic.

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I lost a toenail when I was about 18, the toe next to the big one. t turned black and took about a month to fall off. I didn’t see any doctor for it. The toenail that grew in its place looks like a regular toenail but it’s a bit more brittle than the original one, and so is harder to cut. It also feels different, when I cut it. It’s been over 30 years with the new one, and it’s fine.

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I second the toe guard. You can find them at the pharmacy.

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Have you been to see a doctor? I injured mine once and I can’t imagine not having had the treatment and instructions. Your wound may be different from mine, though, and it was a long time ago so I don’t fully remember, except I had it wrapped in sterile bandages I had to have changed more than once a day, applied something to keep it from getting infected, and the bandages meant I couldn’t wear a normal shoe for at least a couple of weeks IIRC. I got orthopedic sandals and my mother created special oversized socks for that foot, so that I could get around in public.

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My mom dropped a sewing machine on her foot once. She lost the big toe nail. I know she didn’t go to the doctors for it. We didn’t go to the doctors unless we were dying.
The times we went to the doctor:

1) My sister was bitten by a water moccasin.

2) My other sister broke her arm on a POW braclet when she fell on a curb.

3) Same sister was trying to “help” mom put away milk bottles when she was just 2. She dropped the bottle and then stepped on the glass.

3) Same sister: I came running inside to see JFKs funeral procession. She came running behind me. Her pinky finger was on the hinge side of the door. It amputate the tip of it when in SNAPPED!!! shut. (That kid was so accident prone!)

4) A kid pushed me off my bike and I managed to slice open the top of my ankle on the fender. Mom stuck my foot in water while she called the doc. I could see my tendon working when I flexed m y foot. It was so cool!

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Just let it go unless it really bothers you, then throw on some hydrogen peroxide at night. Keep on truckin’.

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@Dutchess_III My younger sis was the same way. Got bitten by a snapping turtle on her lip,
cut her forehead on our gate rail in the front yard, got swarmed by wasps one time at our uncles farm, got hit by a neighbor riding one of those motor scooters, I’m surprised she survived to adult hood.

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