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Suggestions on types of swimming trunks?

Asked by nightwolf5 (2641points) October 19th, 2020

My question is more geared toward men, really. Our indoor public swimming pool is soon about to open again, after being closed from Covid. I am looking forward to going. I am just curious what brand and/or type of swimming trunks you recommend for comfort and style for regular water fun and lap swimming. I’ve never been a fan of Speedos, but I know there are quite a few other kinds and brands out there. What do you like best? Just curious to know.

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It depends on who you want to impress, or what are you most comfortable with. My 17 year old son once wore Speedos (skimpy trunks) at the health club. The boys with baggies were chuckling until Sonny took a dive with absolute Olympic style, and they applauded.

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@YARNLADY thanks. Yeah I am not looking to really impress anyone with them, but just asking about good one for recreational swimming I might like. I never cared for the feeling of Speedos is all. Sounds like he did great with them though!

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I can only answer from a woman’s POV. Speedos are gross looking. If it were me, I would much prefer lose shorts-style.

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Dutch, and I, are in agreement.

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Thanks @MrGrimm888 . I only wish that style was open to the Women’s Olympic Volleyball team like it’s open to the Men’s Olympic Volleyball team.

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^It’s a double standard. For sure.

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I personally like the baggie, boxer-like trunks. But then I am in my 60s and no one should ever see me in a Speedo.

Choice is yours.

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I can’t think of any man, to wear a speedo.
However. I have to admit, many people wear clothes that I find indecent, for their bodies.
If it’s legal, and they don’t care, let them do it….

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Whatever you get, make sure the swimming shorts do not have pockets! I killed my phone in August by jumping into the ocean.

(Why in the name of all that is holy would people sell a bathing suit that has pockets!?)

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@hmmmmmm: My guess is so if you had to go to the snack bar or bathroom, you’d have a place for your keys and money (and phone).

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@hmmmmmm I don’t think it is the swim suit’s problem that you put the phone in the pocket. It is your responsibility.

Like @jca2 said, keys, credit card, coins…any number of reasons a pocket is useful

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I meant to say that you should buy a bathing suit with as many pockets as you can find.

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You don’t want swim wear that is so baggy they look like they’ve been inflated with air when you’re in the water. Something that looks a bit like small boyish shorts with a tie around the middle. Modest, practical without being punkishly ridiculous for your age.

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Pockets are awesome. You can put stuff in them.

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I only buy swimming trunks with lots of pockets. Love them!

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