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Who thinks it would be sweet to have a laptop with a touch panel keyboard?

Asked by jdogg (871points) September 6th, 2008

I want one even though theres probably no such thing. :(

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Well you can get a tablet pc but I’m not sure if it has a touch screen keyboard. Here’s a patent application from Apple for a touch screen keyboard on a tablet pc – iphone stylee.

Definitely on the horizon.

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I like the feedback keys provide when typing so no.

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That’s supposedly the new rumor about Apple’s future macbooks.

Personally i’m not interested unless it comes with a sturdy cleanable screen for all those fried chicken days.

I think the lack of feel would throw me off though. Hell, I use the Apple Extended II keyboard on my Mini because i like the clickety clack of the keys.

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That would be cool. But when I pictured that in my mind when I read the question was a skinny little tablet. Pretty much like the iPhone (bigger of course) and there was like a little button where hot corners usually is and you can press the button pop the “virtual” keyboard comes up for when ever use. I would love that. But the issues would be…

Cleaning the screen…closing or minimizing the windows with those little icons. Unless that it had a sensor that when you hovered over it they would expand. Yeahh. That’s what they will do. haha. But yeah that would be awesome…

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Not for me, but a laptop with an Optimus Maximus style keyboard, now we are talking !!

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That is awesome. Yeah I would love that.

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