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The Department of Justice sued Google on antitrust grounds this morning - and Google's stock is up $30/share. Why?

Asked by elbanditoroso (31335points) October 20th, 2020

I’m would have expected it to go down, not up.

Here’s my theory:

- it will take years – if ever – to be litigated and have something happen

- the DOJ case is pretty weak

- Google is worth more broken up into mini-companies than it is as one big company

What are other reasons why Google’s stock is going up, not down?

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More Google stock is being offered to buy today than is being offered to sell, for countless reasons which are different in every different person’s mind.

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“Google is worth more broken up into mini-companies than it is as one big company”

Just ask John D. Rockefeller. When Standard Oil was broken up he, of course, retained significant shares in its subsequent companies. This made him much wealthier than he had been before.

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When Bell was shattered into smaller splinters, it was supposed to be the beginning of the end. It appears that AT&T didn’t get the memo that they weren’t to become successful!!!
Any chance investors trust Google more than trump & his cronies???

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