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Is it something to worry about if your breast is sore from lying on it?

Asked by honeybun35 (622points) October 20th, 2020

I just had a mammogram month ago everything was fine. Last night it was sore because I was sleeping on my side.

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Talk to your doctor!

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Nobody here can answer that question.

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then why come on here then?

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^ To chat and argue – not put your health and life at risk by trusting a bunch of anonymous people to provide you health advice. Talk to a professional.

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@hmmmmmm is correct. That is why we are here. If someone gives you medical advice here, then not only are they doing you a disservice but it’s likely wrong.

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Many doctors are providing telehealth visits. That’s probably a good way to discuss your personal health concerns to see if they think you need an examination or other testing.

Each person has a unique medical, surgical, family and social history, various medications they are currently or have previously taken, lab and test results etc. Strangers on the internet aren’t qualified to evaluate any of these factors, and those who are qualified aren’t stupid enough to give medical advice to a person they’ve never met. There are legal implications, and it’s totally irresponsible and unethical. Please understand that it’s not that people don’t want to be helpful, but that the people most qualified to give you the answers you’re seeking cannot do so on a site like Fluther.

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Pregnant? I had the same symptom when I was mildly pregnant. It started in the breast I slept on, and even go away during the day, and then several days later it was both breasts and all the time.

If it’s impossible that you’re pregnant then you’re doctor might take xrays again (was your last mammogram a 3D mammogram?) plus a sonogram, or even an MRI.

Don’t ignore breast pain. Especially, if you have pain in one breast and not the other.

All my friends who had breast cancer before age 50 found their cancer either because they had discomfort or felt a lump, and it wasn’t found on mammogram, they needed additional tests to see the cancer. The 3D mammogram they do now should be more sensitive though, but still you know when something isn’t right, you have to push for more than a mammogram if your doctor doesn’t automatically order it. In my non medical lay person opinion.

Maybe doctors run a blood test for prolactin? I don’t know if they do that for breast pain or just discharge from nipples. That should be symptoms in both breasts, but like I said when I was preggers initially I felt discomfort in just one when I woke up in the morning from being on one side.

I’d call my doctor and see if they will order more tests without seeing me if I had just been there a month ago. If not, I’d go ahead and make an appointment with my doctor, so they can make their money, and then they will order the tests.

Does your breast look unusual? Redness or dimpled skin or something else?

I’m not a doctor. Everything above is not advice, just my own experience and what I would do.

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Definitely not pregnant at the age 50 but yes I had that many years ago. It was only while I was lying down. I slept hard on that one side. I just had a mammogram so I am fine as far as that part. Thanks

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Well, if it persists talk to your doctor about it. One day wouldn’t move me to do anything, but if it was consistent for over a week I would get it checked. Mammograms are imperfect as I mentioned above.

Have you started any medications?

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