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Anyone familiar with model railroading: Are there any HOn30" or HOe trolleys, streetcars available?

Asked by Yellowdog (12208points) October 20th, 2020

I am referring to HO Scale (1:87.1) streetcars or trolleys that run on N-scale (1:160) track, to represent equipment that runs on half-scale or 30” gauge track.

I model standard HO scale but have started adding HOn30 to my layout and, it seems to me that the narrow 30” gauge trackage is MORE suitable for the quasi-URBAN scenery of my Euro/American waterfront scenes. (The streets, as planned, are quite narrow, with a lot of it under elevated standard-gauge trackage)—this is a fairly busy North Atlantic port).

I am wanting to add both streetcars/trams AND industrial switchers, the latter which are readily available but the streetcars I’m not so sure about.

ANYTHING anyone knows about HOn30” streetcars (availability, scratchbuilding tips, kitbashing, conversion/adaptation) would be a welcome topic of discussion. I hate to do a lot of scratchbuilding, and it seems to me that standard-gauge trackage is unnatural for narrow city streets—especially with rural-to-urban narrow gauge (30”) trackage already in existence on my layout.

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If you had asked this question 8+ years ago, I would have known a great train store to refer you to, which is no longer in business.

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@Yellowdog have you looked on Ebay?

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My father built an enormous HO trainer in our basement. He had towns he built, and cars. I guess you’d just need to check with you train supplier.

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* train set *

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My dad’s trainset. This picture doesn’t do it justice.

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Another angle..

He built farms and towns. He had cars on the roads. One time we created a massive car accident right on the train tracks, then had the train slam into the cars! Also, ran over people who were dumb enough to walk on the tracks. And cows. And horses. Then decided not to do that any more because those little engines were / are freaking expensive!

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