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Is anyone else just ready for the election, to be over?

Asked by MrGrimm888 (16999points) October 22nd, 2020

As asked.

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Me! Me! Over here! Me!

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Oh lordy, me too.

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The worst of it is that if Trump loses, there is no jumping up and down and shouting for joy, just a sigh of relief. The problems will still be there. It is just that there would be a chance that they will be addressed.

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Yes. I love politics and its always interested me. I’m 100% over both major parties bs.

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By a country mile.

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Yes. Ready for trump to skip the country.

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For sure. Many other countries have much shorter campaign cycles; ours is way too long and too exhausting.

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What concerns me, about the election being over, is that if the Dems win, the Trumpers are going to be calling out their proud boys to run rampant and go nuts. I also wouldn’t be surprised if the Trump campaign does illegal stuff like trying to disregard ballots from certain blue areas, or taking things to court if they’re not happy. If Trump wins, and it’s due to any type of collusion or impropriety, the Dems are going to go nuts.

We may not hear the end of this for months to come.

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@jca2 perhaps there will be a very few crazy right wing radical nuts will throw a temper tantrum (with demonstrations). It won’t likely be a big deal.

What I worry about is that if Trump wins (legitimately) then all our major cities will likely be burned to the ground.

Whoever wins the unrest will not end for a long time.

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@gondwanalon At least if Trump wins you can be pretty sure Biden asks for people to be calm or something to try to avoid total mayhem. Do you think Trump will do anything close to that? I hope he does, but I doubt it.

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@JLeslie Relax. Trump will not win. And when Trump doesn’t win there will not likely be any destruction or mayhem from Trump to calm down.

I don’t recall Biden trying to calm down all the violent and destructive unrest that has been going on this year. It’s pretty doubtful Biden will try to stop the mayhem that will take place if he happens to lose (which he won’t).

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It’s the game of the season, man! Bigger than the Masters! Bigger than the World Series! Bigger than the World Cup! Bigger than the Super Bowl!!! Holy crap! What a finish it will be!!!


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@gondwanalon Well, Biden said during the Town Hall with Stephanopolous if he loses he hopes it doesn’t been we are as divided and racist as it seems (I’m paraphrasing, I can get you the quote).

Gore said things to calm the country and accept the results.

More chance with the Democratic leaders than Trump.

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Remember the hell that was the last election? This on is a piece of cake compared to that. Thanks Covid!

And I already voted.. w00t Oregon and our 100% mail in voting.

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@johnpowell My friends just moved there and said it was 100% mail in. Interesting!

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@KNOWITALL New Jersey was 95 or so percent mail in this year because of Covid. Only differently abled people will be allowed to use the machines and people who go to the polls will fill out a mail in provisional ballot which will be checked to see if they already got one. many people have already voted. I like going to the polls but I may switch to mail in permanently next time.

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@janbb 95%? Can that be true? Did every voter receive a mail-in ballot?

KNOWITALL Oregon has been 100% mail-in for years. Majority of Arizona voters have been voting by mail for many years also. Majority of Utah vote by mail. In Utah it was left up to the counties from what I understand years ago whether they sent out ballots by mail to all registered voters, most have moved to voting by mail.

It’s all made up the vote by mail Democrat conspiracy hysteria. Republican states have been doing vote by mail a long time too. I think Arizona was in the late 90’s they changed absentee voting to early voting, and mail-in fell within early in the legal language. The parties should just work together to make voting safe, accessible, and fraud resistant. At the state and local level that’s what happens. At the national level it has been a piece of propaganda.

Trump says Florida is different than other states. Makes no sense. Why? Because he now votes here in the land of sunshine? He’s going to be here where I live today at our polo fields. He’s in Florida. He could have voted in person. I don’t understand why he didn’t to further his narrative. Meanwhile, I have to worry about his crowds not wearing masks.

Edit: I just read everyone will have temperature checks and given masks. Hopefully, they keep them on. Here’s the article about his event here which is off topic, but since I met ruined it, I thought I’d put it here if anyone is interested.

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@JLeslie Yes, every registered voter received a mail-in ballot and the election was designed to be conducted largely by mail. My percentage may be off, I haven’t verified it, but it seems roughly accurate.

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Having more than two parties, would also be, extremely important.

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@janbb Is the overall feeling that people are happy to mail-in? Can they drop their ballots at early voting polling places?

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@JLeslie We don’t have early voting polling places but there are several drop boxes in each county, the mail, or you can take your ballot to the county Board of Electors. I have no real knowledge of how people are feeling but my impression is that Democrats are happy mailing in for the main and Republicans have swallowed the Kool-aid about fraud and want their right to vote in person (ignoring the fact that electronic voting machines can be hacked as well.)

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I voted on Monday. But they didn’t use an electronic voting machine. You had to fill in ovals next to the candidates you wanted. Then you fed it to a machine that read it.
It was really interesting AND I got a free pen out of the deal.

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^So. All you’re guaranteed, is a free pen, and an “i voted” sticker.

What about a guarantee that your vote will matter, and/or, that the system will be fair?

Another thing. How can you be sure that the person you voted for, will carry out their promises?

How can you guarantee that your candidate, will not be corrupt?

You can’t.

All you know is that you have a pen, and a sticker….

In addition.
Let’s say, your candidate wins. And, that candidate fulfilled all their goals.
It can all be undone, by the next administration….

Then. What do you have? An old pen, and an old sticker…..

Sorry for being pessimistic. But. The US system, is horribly broken….

As a bonus. We will likely have a large amount of civil unrest, regardless of who wins…


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@MrGrimme888 There is every reason to still believe our Voting is still fair and honest and all votes are counted. Stop adding to the fear, that is helping to destroy democracy as we know it. Foreign governments and anarchists want Americans to feel freighters, insecure, and turn on each other. We need to come together as Americans and want to preserve the union, our system, and work for that.

Cable news and social media is destroying democracy here and around the world. People need to wake up.

When I vote I believe my local poll workers do everything to protect the rights of voters. I bet 99% of Americans feel the same when they go to the polls.

For my mail-in ballot I get to see the status of my ballot. When I call my county ejections office they always answer any questions I have.

This fear mongering is bullshit.

We do need to report when something is going on that is hampering the vote or fraudulent, but it is rare.

Look at the reporting of long lines. Total bullshit in my opinion. People rush to vote the first day of early voting for every election and wait on long lines. By day three, no line. The news knows idiots line up like that every election. It indicates nothing except people will line up on the first day for new Apple products, new movie releases, new rides at Disney, and even voting, when they have all sorts of time to do or buy the same thing without a long line if they just don’t rush in.

Seeing something on TV or on the news makes things feel overwhelming even if it’s just 1% of the time.

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The only unfair thing about our system is the Electoral College. When in the hell are they going to get ride of that obsolete BS?

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Pfft. There’s always the same crap. “Every vote counts.”

That’s a straight lie.

I could provide several examples. But. Let’s just go by how Trump won. He lost! By almost 3million votes. But. He won….
And. Yes. The Electoral College, is a big reason why….

The way things are, you get two choices. Even then, it comes down to a broken system, to “elect” the winner. That is NOT a true democracy….

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I may be reading this wrong, but every president who lost the popular vote but still won the presidency was a Republican.

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