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Do you think your senator or congressman plays video games?

Asked by elbanditoroso (31337points) October 22nd, 2020

Related to this question from earlier this morning.

Georgia: I can’t see Senator Perdue being a gamer. I can sort of envision Senator Loeffler (former owner of the WNBA) being into some sort of sports video gaming.

My congressman (Hice) doesn’t seem the type. Too serious.

Can you envision your legislators playing video games?

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I mean, one could also ask if they watch football which lasts around 4 hours. Same thing.

I can imagine a lot of politicians at least enjoying arcade games

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Our congresspeople are statistically some of the oldest people we’ve ever had in the history of the country. I can’t envision many of them gaming without it being an insincere and cringey play for the young voter.

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I can’t guess, but I do hope that they all have some sort of absorbing diversion to help them relax and relieve tension and work out some aggressions.

Having lived with several people who maintained very serious academic demeanors throughout their professional lives but could really be laid back at home, I do remember not to base too much on people’s somber, staid appearances. I don’t think there’s any “type” that can be completely read from the outside by a stranger.

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Hell they might as well. They don’t seem to be getting to much else accomplished, other than keeping the nation divided. Go play some Civ 5 and be somebody.

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Only the few legislators I like.

Well, I can also imagine some of the awful ones playing some games too.

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That’s funny!
Back in my single days, I was living in my apartment near Lake Merritt when the aide to my congressman knocked on my door. The congressman was upstairs knocking on doors as well, and they were trying to get people to vote for him.
The congressman (Ron Dellums) had recently come out complaining about the harm video games does to the youth of America. I was playing my Intellivision when the aide knocked on the door. I tried to convince him to get the Congressman to come in and play a game, but they were rushed.
I wanted to show not all games are violent.

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Pathetic Pandering. I bet that fAkE gAmEr AOC never once used the N-word, or claimed to have fucked her opponent’s mother.

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No, he’s 65 and I don’t see him being the type.

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My representative: Kinzinger – maybe, possibly. He’s around my age and ours is the generation that really grew up with video games. Many of us still game in our free time. Maybe he does as well.


Durbin – Doubt it.

Duckworth – Kinda doubt it as well, but who knows.

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