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Will you join us in honouring the great James Randi?

Asked by ragingloli (49945points) October 22nd, 2020

A true titan of skepticism and critical thought.
Also a secret wizard.
He dead now.

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Yes, thanks, I will. And I can hardly wait to see what sorts of messages he sends back via mediums and readers.

I happened to be friends with a person who collaborated with Randi on the Popoff expose, and so I heard about it first hand. Like so many other things, it’s easy when you know how.

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Wow, that’s heartbreaking news. Randi’s prize was the key to rescuing me from supernatural thinking that was brought on by watching too many journalistically bankrupt Discovery Channel documentaries in my youth.

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I think I’ll pop a cold one, call my brother and watch Randi burn James Hydrick to the ground, for old times sake. What sad news.

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Sad news. Saw him on The Tonight Show !

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On the plus side, clairvoyants have already been in contact and his wish is for many among us to join him.

He mentioned the letters D, T, R and P.

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