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Why is my in box flooded with junk mail from Trump and Republicans?

Asked by Nomore_lockout (7582points) October 22nd, 2020

I’m not a Repub, never voted Repub, got no use for them. The Dems do this too, but not to the same extent. How can I stop it?

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If you are feeling devious, you could reply to those mails, and attach some ransomware to your message.

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Can’t you just mark em as junk mail and they will go straight there.

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Look for a choice to “unsubscribe” on the email.

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I think @Nomore_lockout is talking about US Postal Service !

I have gotten ten postcards and envelopes this week. Over the last six weeks I’ve received two envelopes a week from Don J or Melania.

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De wuv you.

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Poor financial management by the republicans. They probably got mailing lists at a discount and paid no attention to who was included.

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@Tropical_Willie Perhaps no_more can let us know which it is. The fact that he said in box made it sound like email to me.

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@janbb You are correct, it is my email. Should have clarified that I guess, and I have unsubscribed to a bunch of that crap, Dems included, but they just keep coming in. I’ll be so damned glad when this election is over…

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@Nomore_lockout I get what you’re saying. I only get from Dems but it is too much. I’ve unsubscribed and new ones pop up!

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We get US postal mail (boo) from them every other day. He sent us some Trump pins via UPS just yesterday. And we’ve sent them zero dollars, I promise.

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If email comes and you are positive that you did nothing to warrant receiving it never click the unsubscribe link. They buy lists of millions of email address and most of them are dead. But when you click you just told them “This is a good email and we know someone is reading it”. And email is essentially free to send so they have no reason to stop.

The unsubscribe link usually does nothing. Mark it as spam in your client instead.

And does anyone that has your email address hate you? Maybe they signed you up for a Trump mailing list.

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^^ That hasn’t bee my experience.

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I must be living right!!! I’ve been blessed to have NOT received any spam from either party in my inbox. Now, my USPS mail box for snail mail has been swamped with junk from the Dems & so far nothing from the reps. I’m NOT registered to either party as I don’t care for either. With the polls showing trump down in the polls & him begging white females to love him, I’d think that I would be in the demographics that I would at least get one postcard asking for my vote. I’m NOT complaining that I haven’t been asked, but it seems strange to me that he wants nobody but his original base to vote for him!!!

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I haven’t gotten any snail mail (not even for local) but as I have donated to some candidates and organizations, I get on every progressive email list. But for me, unsubscribing to most of them has worked.

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Maybe that’s what I’ve done right…I’ve NEVER donated to any political candidate…I don’t trust any of them to do anything but lie to me & for that I don’t feel the need to donate my money!!!

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@LadyMarissa Each to his own.

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The snail mail is targeted to people in the swing states (no sense in spending campaign money in a state your opponent has a large lead).

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Contact your local elections board and have your status changed. Anyone can find out what your affiliation is. I had mine changed to “no affiliation.” I still get the mailings but I was more concerned about people being able to find out what my affiliation was. Maybe your elections board can answer your question.

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I’m registered as an Independent & I’m not sure that they even exist anymore. I don’t think that Georgia is considered a swing state. I’m pretty sure it is now considered a republican stronghold. IF you believe the polls, the reps no longer have a large lead, but maybe the dems just want to make sure it stays that way!!! Anyway, I decide who I’ll be voting for by doing my own research & NOT by the amount of junk I receive in the mail. I’ve been tempted to vote for trump just because of all the junk mail, but I really don’t see that as an option…even for revenge.

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