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Do you dislike it when people call President Trump a degrading nickname?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (21179points) October 22nd, 2020

But wasn’t he the one who started throwing slang names around first?
Like ,crooked Hilary.
Or Rocket man.
with countless others.
He has shown zero respect for others, so does it bother you when you hear him called, The Don Father, Orange God, and so on?

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Of course not. He earned it. Orange fat piece of shit.

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I don’t mind it. I do roll my eyes a bit at all the sanctimonious crap posted by people who think that he deserves respect because of the office.

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Yeah, I do. But it’s not just him, I never spoke that way about any elected official or President. I think it’s the constant repetition of it that annoys me the most.
It’s just like the racists were about Obama and his wife.
Not a good look on anyone, to me.

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I think it’s childish and immediately detracts from the effectiveness of any argument being made. The is plenty of substantive criticism to throw his way, no need for silly nicknames IMO.

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Nicknames, even bad ones, are okay by me as long as they accentuate something someone was caught doing. The nicknames Trump calls people are insults but are tied to actual activities or passions of the individual.

As far as things said like what @ragingloli said above, I like to show these examples (which are all over the internet, on virtually all social networking sites) to show that what THEY (the other side) said is far worse than what Trump says which is usually an apt description—not the foulness and depravity Trump’s enemies often stoop to.

It would be best, however, if there was none of this, and only actual policies were discussed. This is far more in keeping with the offices and proponents of ideas.

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Yes – mainly because it generally comes from anti-Trump people who are put off by his crass persona, rather than those who oppose his policies.

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It only bothers me inasmuch as I would prefer people just use honest adjectives about him that are accurate.

Such as describing him as a lying ignorant unqualified racist bigotted blustering bullying arrogant self-serving narcissist spoiled man-baby. Just the simple and honest objective truth works.

Or mentioning that he’s pretty clearly committed many crimes from which only the office of POTUS is protecting him from prosecution, including bribery, obstruction of justice, conspiracy to defraud the United States, endless emoluments clause violations, campaign finance violations; Hatch Act violations, bank, insurance and tax fraud; money laundering; and preparing false business records.

Not to mention rape accusations…

And that’s not even getting into all the terrible policy decisions, decrees, and appointments of corporate saboteurs to head government offices so as to attempt to destroy the EPA, FDA, USPS, etc.

As Gabe Lezra, Staff Counsel, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, wrote on the American Constitution Society web site, “President Trump’s corruption has been one of the defining stories of his presidency and has begun to normalize levels of corrupt and unethical behavior that we have not seen in decades—if ever.” It seems to me as if that is the sort of thing that ought to be said pretty much every time Trump is mentioned.

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I find most nicknames for Trump are demeaning his appearence, and don’t reflect the deep level of dog shit of Trump’s soul.

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Pffffft. I rarely use his real name. And I never call him the P word.

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I don’t like when anyone name-calls anyone. What are you? Twelve? Grow the fuck up.

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@cookieman Bruh, exactly. It irritates my grey matter!

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@cookieman does anyone include the President?

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There’s no need for scornful sobriquets, his obtuse offence obviates opprobrious obloquy.

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Well can’t blame Trump for all of it, the far right and the Repubs started this non sense years ago. I still remember the Operation Jade Helm bs that was spouted here in Texas six years ago , wherein Obama and Hillary were going to declare martial law, arrest disidents, and then place them in special prisons in Walmart basements, and then take the guns. But as one wit stated on another web site, “Since when is it nesesary to use coersion to get Texans into a Walmart? All you’d have to do is announce a half price sale on ammo and frozen chicken nuggets, and then get the hell out of the way to avoid getting trampled!”

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