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What's the wildest or strangest Halloween experience you ever had?

Asked by Nomore_lockout (7577points) October 23rd, 2020

I’m not talking paranormal although that’s ok as well. Just anything crazy or out of the ordinary?

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I had a wild experience about ten years back, when I worked as a safety inspector at a hospital. I was checking fire extinguisher tags in a dark corridor, when a very attractive young woman in a harem dance costume jumped out at me from a corridor and almost gave me a heart attack. Lol. She kept trying to hug me and when I’d step away she’d step back toward me. I told her, look you can’t be down here and especially dressed like that. We had been having issues with homeless people and druggies getting in there at night somehow. So I asked if she was with anyone and she told me her parents were in the ER areas. I walked her down there and got her back with her folks, and explained diplomatically that she couldn’t be running around like that
unescorted. They just thanked me and left. One of the security guys who has seen me walking with her asked, damn man, where’d you find THAT? I told him that she had found me and went back to work. Lol. But that costume didn’t leave much to the imagination. Just Crazy. And yes it was Halloween, but still..

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Well one year most of my grandkids were under the age of 5. About 5 of them ended up in my house.
Then a 3 year old came a knocking…she was like “This is a party!” And just walked right in!”
Well she blended with all the other kids until her Mother freaked out.

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Lol well at least as mom knew y’all meant no harm, right?

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Of course. But the mother was SO freaked out.

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I put on a costume one year. It was a half-face devil mask. The colors were red with black creases. When I put it on, it looked really bad with my normal skin showing on the lower half of my face. So I got out some make-up and rubbed red all over the lower part of my face and my neck. I then looked at the creases, got out a black grease pencil and put “creases” on my face and neck where I thought they should go. When I put the mask on again, the lines all matched up perfectly. I went and showed my wife. At first she was saying “Wow! That looks great!”. But after talking to her for a few moments, I noticed she was looking away from me. She finally said “I can’t look at you. It just freaks me out to watch you talk.”. I thought that was pretty funny. So I sat outside on the porch and dealt with trick-or-treaters. A girl I worked with showed up with her family. She looked at me and said “Wow! That looks great!”. And again, after talking to her for a few moments, she started looking away. She finally told me “I can’t look at you. It just freaks me out when you talk.”. Guess I did it right. But the same reaction from two people was pretty funny.

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