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Whats better for your body eating before you excercise or after you excercise?

Asked by curiousmonkey (59points) September 6th, 2008

Which is better? and more healthy? and if you eat after you exercise would it be a wast of exercising if your gonna gain the calories you lost back anyway?

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I would think before. You don’t want your blood sugar to be too low when working out. Also, food is fuel and you’re going to need to burn something, right? I would make it a light meal, though. I never like exercising with a full stomach.

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@astrochuck Thanks for the advise

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I concur with AC. Before is better, but make it at least an hour before. You don’t want to get sick during your workout.

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It depends on which kind of exercise – aerobic, or lifting weights (anaerobic). If all you want to do is burn fat (aerobic), then an energy drink would fuel you through. But if you want energy to lift weights, you’ll want to preload your muscles with carbs, like a PowerBar. And both workouts need nourishment immediately afterwords. I’m not sure what’s best to eat after an aerobics workout, but here’s a formula I found in Muscle and Fitness for the anaerobic workout:

.1 gram per pound (of your weight) in protein,
.2 ” ” carbs (the more complex, the better)

AFTER the workout:
.2 g/lb protein,
.5 – .7 g/lb carbs

hope this helps

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banana+orange juice like a smoothie

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@stratman and flameboi, Thanks both of your answers helped!

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Carbs before, protein after. Carbs offer quick-release energy; digesting proteins saps your workout energy.

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