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Is the concern about child sex trafficking legitimate or is it the new "Satanic Panic"?

Asked by Demosthenes (13000points) October 24th, 2020

From the popularity and influence of QAnon to shocking statistics about how prevalent human trafficking is to the secret symbols traffickers and pedophiles supposedly communicate with to the Jeffrey Epstein revelations to concern about how many other notable people are involved in it to the brouhaha over “Cuties”, it certainly seems like child sex trafficking and pedophilia are a major concern of many in this country, but is the concern overblown? How do we sort the real issue of sex trafficking from the debunked accusations against Wayfair and pizza parlors? Is child sex trafficking becoming a “moral panic” where fiction and fact are muddied, where even questioning the prevailing narrative makes you suspect? How concerned are you about it, especially if you are a parent?

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Think it goes with Pizza Parlor pedophiles headed up by Hillary . . . . Trump generated !

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It certainly has some of the characteristics, including the Qanon and other conspiracy theory madness. But more importantly, it has resulted in harmful actions that were done in the name of curbing trafficking, but have only endangered the lives of many, while not reducing trafficking.

Kamala Harris has long been an enemy of sex workers because of her crusade against the platforms they use to keep themselves safe. She brought criminal charges multiple times against, resulting in its closure. And she cosigned SESTA-FOSTA, that Trump signed into law, that threatens even more safety platforms. She has worked to make trafficking underground, while simultaneously pushing sex-workers away from safety into the arms of pimps and abuse.

There’s very little you can do about the Qanon assholes. But it’s important to help talk down “reasonable” people before they support legislation that doesn’t address the supposed problem, and creates additional problems.

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Yes, there are pediophiles. No question.

But the latest kerfuffle is all political bullshit initiated by Qanon and its Trumpie supporters. This is invented bullshit.

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I have never heard these conspiracy theories on conservative media.

This ‘conspiracy theory’ is a fabrication of the left. Societal hysteria regarding sex trafficking and child care workers is part of the 1980s paranoia.

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First I’ve heard of it too.

@Yellowdog, tell me about it! I had a daycare in the 80s!

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I worked with children as far back as 1983 and, as a guy a lot of mistrust was there.

It would be impossible for sex activity to go on in a day care center, with all the people, staff and parents, coming and going—and the teachers and staff required to be with large groups of kids, seldom alone.

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I got a new kid once. She was about 4. She’d been to my daycare only 3 or 4 times when her mom abruptly pulled her out. Mom told me that one of the boys had exposed himself to her at nap time. Well, there were at least 6 other kids in the room at nap time, and one of them would have told me about it. Also, it didn’t sound like something that particular boy would do.
I thought for a second, then set a trap that she fell right in to. “What color did she say it was?” I asked Mom.
With no hesitation Mom said, “Pink!”
Come ON lady. Dog dicks are pink, not humans dicks!
I was just as glad to have her kid gone. They were trouble.

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@Yellowdog: “I have never heard these conspiracy theories on conservative media.

This ‘conspiracy theory’ is a fabrication of the left.”

Love when the existence of conspiracy theories themselves become food for more conspiracy theories.

Your favorite network, Fox, seems to have referred to Qanon 932 times. You’ve most definitely heard of it. Your dude has talked about it as well.

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@Dutchess_III This is something I’ve been researching more lately. The panic in the 1980s does seem to have had a strong connection to child care workers. Nowadays, the targets seem to be more “elites” (especially Democratic ones) though other targets can be as random as a pizza parlor. What makes it different of course is that now the conspiracy spreads rapidly through the internet and conspiracy theorists “swarm” a target leading, in some cases, to real-life violence (like what happened in “Pizzagate”). I’d be interested in the larger “save the children!” narrative that can be constructed here. In the 80s the panic was also connected to homosexuals who were said to be “corrupting your kids”.

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There is legitimate concern always about child sex trafficking and child pornography. That is totally separate from the QAnon conspiracy proponents who accuse Democrats of Satanic rites and pedophilia. I would think anyone with half a brain could figure out the distinction.

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Another “gift” from the internet.

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