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If you had to replace the current timeline with a dystopian fictional timeline, which would you choose, and why?

Asked by ragingloli (49435points) October 24th, 2020

For example the timeline from the movie “Reign of Fire”, where human civilisation has been almost destroyed by a swarm of recently unearthed fire breathing dragons.
Because dragons are cool, and seeing humans burn to death gives me funny feelings in my trousers.

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The dystopian fictional timeline would start would start with fireworks and dragons, much confucianism, and a man with his hands inscrutably secreted in his robes.

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The Fallout series. Because at this point in that timeline things are still fairly hunky dory, and when it does go to shit, if I were still around by that point, I’d enjoy a godly fireworks show for my centennial.

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Maybe the timeline from Kurt Vonnegut’s Galapagos.

From Wikipedia:
“Galápagos is the story of a small band of mismatched humans who are shipwrecked on the fictional island of Santa Rosalia in the Galápagos Islands after a global financial crisis cripples the world’s economy. Shortly thereafter, a disease renders all humans on Earth infertile, with the exception of the people on Santa Rosalia, making them the last specimens of humankind. Over the next million years, their descendants, the only fertile humans left on the planet, eventually evolve into a furry species resembling sea lions: though possibly still able to walk upright (it is not explicitly mentioned, but it is stated that they occasionally catch land animals), they have a snout with teeth adapted for catching fish, a streamlined skull and flipper-like hands with rudimentary fingers (described as “nubbins”).”

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Logan’s Run.

Because old people are fucking everyone else over.

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(I thought all the old people were dead in Logan’s Run, unless you mean the outsiders?)

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@Zaku They are. I’m suggesting it might be a preferable dystopia to the one we have.

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Idiocracy. . .because it’s got electrolytes.

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@kruger_d and a better president.

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1984 as long as I get to be a part of the inner party.

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