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What’s your take on the Lincoln Project?

Asked by stanleybmanly (24128points) October 24th, 2020 from iPhone

Do you think it has made any difference regarding the election?

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I think it’s a bunch of smart and disgusted Republicans who got tired of the ruination of their party, and had the guts and the money to do something about it.

Will it move the needle? Possibly. Does it piss off Trump and his acolytes? I hope so.

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I think they don’t go far enough. They are trying to bring to light to other republicans what DT is really about and how he doesn’t represent Republican values while ignoring the Republicans that encourage Trump or stay quiet in cowardice. If they really want the Republican party to represent their values, they should root out all the cowards who will easily surrender their power to an authoritarian.

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They have mounted powerful hard hitting ads against Trump, better ads in my opinion than the Democrats themselves.

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They’re a bunch of disaffected Republicans who are putting country before party and ideology. They realize what a danger Trump is and are actively working against him.

Yes, I think it will make a difference.

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They know whom they’re talking to, and I trust they’re doing it right. I salute their conviction and their determination, and I hope it influences some who couldn’t be reached any other way.

At the very least, I think they will have hardened the resolve of some waffling Democrats.

While they’re at it, they could be laying the groundwork for a new Republican party—no longer the “GOP”—to rise from the ashes of the old. A robust two-party system is good for the country. What we have right now is anything but.

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