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Are you reporting Facebook posts?

Asked by JLeslie (62396points) October 26th, 2020 from iPhone

When you see an outright falsehood on Facebook, especially links and memes being passed around, do you ever report it to Facebook?

What made me ask is I just saw a meme saying the Biden E in red on his marketing items is a symbol that China and communism uses.

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I have not bothered. I didn’t even know there was a way to report things. In the past I have simply blocked the person.
If reporting is easy, I am going to start. We would be helping Facebook combat the mountain of garbage being thrown at them.

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Thank you for mentioning this. I just reported 3 posts that were totally bogus.

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A photoshopped meme isn’t a “falsehood”.

The way to fix Facebook is to delete your account. Seriously.

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LOL. Yeah, things like that are just stupid. I sometimes pass them along to family members to joke about the smell of desperation coming off of the other side. But I don’t pass it to the general public to circulate their crap. But I have a lot of right wing crap blocked from my facebook. My facebook is primarily for family news, and recipes.

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No. In the information age you can be as ignorant or educated as you please.

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I have, but (a) they don’t answer and (b) nothing appears to change.

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I have reported a few. An old high school friend has a bad habit of reposting some outlandish fake news. But after reporting two or three things, I blocked her posts, one step short of defriending her.

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I have, not recently, reported violent photos that were inappropriate.

When people post inaccurate things, for example a photoshopped photo, I’ll show them the real photo and discuss it. If they post something that is factually inaccurate, sometimes I will post the link for them showing them that it’s factually inaccurate, or sometimes I won’t bother since they will believe what they want to believe anyway.

Recently there was a photo of Biden and Harris sitting at a table, with, behind them, a riot with flag burning. However, the two politicians sitting at the table was in the daylight, and the riot with flag burning was in the dark. The caption said something about them being ok with flag burning. I googled and found the original photo of Biden and Harris sitting at the table in front of a building, and I pointed out that it was photo shopped. I posted that in the secret FB group for Jellies because it was funny in that it was so obvious by looking at the photoshopped photo, because it was half in daylight and half in the dark.

This misinformation that I may occasionally debunk will be from both sides.

Once, someone posted something about a 17 year old who got a good amount of jail time for stealing sneakers, and his first offense. The post implied it was because he was black. I googled it and found out it wasn’t just stealing sneakers, it’s that he held up the store clerk at gun point. So I posted the article for the friend who posted it, showing her that there was more to the story than what the meme said.

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Welcome to the misinformation superhighway. I agree with @hmmmmmm.

The only winning move is not to play.

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I don’t do Face Book. To many Looney Toons aboard. My life isn’t all that fascinating any way’s.

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