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Should a Pastor favor someone because of the money they give?

Asked by honeybun35 (622points) October 26th, 2020

There are many people who attend church really like going and believe. When the offering is going around there are some who have more than others.

I know someone now who feels their pastor doesn’t give them any attention because they can’t really afford to tithe in church.

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No a pastor shouldn’t favor one member over another. Is the person really sure it is over tithing?
My church does it differently and for just that reason, so NO ONE knows what amount you are giving or if you are giving, unless you pay by check and only the money manager knows.
We have a box in the back of the church that is locked and you just slip your money, check or change in the slot.

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Now you can go online but even if cash not sure how but Baptist churches uses envelopes and each member have an assigned number on them. So even if you put cash they will now.
Now you can go online and pay and it ask for your envelope number to identify who it’s coming from.

Even if it’s not because of that it still shouldn’t be any favoritism in church. The bad part is we know it and he should to.

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Why doesn’t your friend ask to talk to pastor about the situation? Not all that money is for missions or church bills, some of it helps the congregation, so if there’s an issue of financial need, or even just self-consciousness, get it out in the open.
It’s not supposed to just be a building, it’s supposed to be family. Talk it out.

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It’s not supposed to be that way, but it may.

I’ve seen situations elsewhere where people get special treatment or their wrongs are overlooked due to being big donors. The local library is one example I can think of. There was an event (when events were happening, about a year ago) where someone did something wrong. A friend who works at the library told me the person, when confronted about it, started yelling that she’s a big donor to the library. The director told my friend to overlook whatever the person did. So maybe this is happening in your church.

I would think, if the pastor is giving one person more attention over another, they’re not going to admit it. They’re going to say I have no idea what you are referring to.

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I agree with you this shouldn’t be happening and that is a shame about the library with the person being a donor.

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Hypothetically shouldn’t. But religion is the best money-making scheme ever devised.

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A pastor shouldn’t really know how much people give. When I was on the staff of a large church, it once became my responsibility to prepare the reports for the finance committee. What surprised me is, the church’s economic terrorist whom everyone was always afraid of offending and cowtowed to his every demand, was only the fifth highest contributer—there were four rather unassuming but active members who gave far more.

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That’s what I was wondering how would he know what each individual put in. That makes sense though.

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The new Prosperity Gospel. Pastor probably needs another Leer Jet. No point going on mission if you cant go in style.

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Net worth of 27 million. Tell me he doesn’t favor the affluent parishioners:

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Well you know, being God’s Holy Messenger he could not possibly be expected to set with those “demons” (otherwise known as commoners) on commercial flights.

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@Darth_Algar Absolutely not! Can’t expect the big wig Man of God to get a crease in that $2000 suit, or mess his nice toupee can you? Has to look sharp on TV so that he can con all of those lonely elderly women in rural areas out of their money. Uh, I mean so he can pastor unto his flock.

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