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Would vaccinating Santas with COVID-19 vaccine have been a brilliant way to protect America?

Asked by elbanditoroso (31343points) October 26th, 2020

Is this grounded in some sort of reality, or was it a totally bizarre approach to trying to prevent the spread of COVID-19?


The original idea was to vaccinate Santas, Mrs. Santas, and elves, as a means of promoting the vaccine (if it existed) and theoretically encouraging people to be vaccinated. And presumably preventing the spread.

Is there no limit to Trump administration craziness?

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What happens to us Jews? :-)

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If you’re trying to figure out who to give the vaccine to first, after critical people like first responders and some military, inoculating people who will be interacting with a large number of the general population is not that bad an idea, especially if you are brainstorming how to protect a wide number of people.

@janbb I imagine they would include penguins.

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Since it seems we’re putting the cart before the horse, yes, it would have been great back in December, 2019.

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Vaccinating Santas who have the kids sit on their laps sounds worthwhile. They interact with so many kids.

They should show Santa and some famous people being vaccinated in commercials and print ads.

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@janbb Keep your powder dry, I will have you folks back.

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So now they want to use Santa as a guinea pig? We’re talking the Repubs who stole Christmas, here.

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