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As the pandemic and its consequences proliferate, do you suppose the grim realities might compel this country to adopt universal healthcare.

Asked by stanleybmanly (24138points) October 26th, 2020 from iPhone

When vaccinations arrive, who is going to finance the inoculation of the uninsured?

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No. Both parties are against healthcare. We’re going to have to get rid of those parties (and probably more) in order to have a civilized country.

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Might. But remember that the right wing ideologues who have bought into the Tea Party (and earlier) philosophy of self-support and reliance (and who hate government and that fact that it helps people), are going to fight tooth and nail against it.

You have been seeing the dynamic for years. The ideologues are mesmerized by words like “deficit” and “national health care” as political selling points and ideological mantras. Their concern is ideological purity, not helping people.

Remember Newt Gingrich’s Contract On America. It was all about being a conservative close and slave to the philosophy – and he didn’t give a crap how many people died.

So… while I agree that we should have had universal health care 30 years ago, we know who to blame for why we don’t have it.

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No I don’t.

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Like the flu vaccine, I think it’s likely that this at some point will be given for free. But it’s a long reach from that to universal health care.

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No the health insurance industry has to much control especially over the conservatives to ever allow that to happen,much better paying for way over priced health insurance.

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No. What’s occuring all around the world is the manifesting of Nazi ideology, specifically Lebensunwertes leben, “life unworthy of life.” The billionaires who rule the world have been openly Malthusian for more than a century, and have been trying to selectively eliminate billions of human beings without damaging the army of drones who maintain their wealth and power. SARS-COV-2 is being used as a tool to eliminate the old and the disabled. More than 25% of all hospital admissions and 80% of all COVID deaths have occured to people with disabilities. This is why most of the world is quietly encouraging the virus to ravage through long-term care homes and vulnerable populations.

Here in Kanada, for example, every level of government has given enormous amounts of financial support to the entire population… except the disabled, who have been carefully excluded from any kind of assistance, while the government has quietly told hospitals to use “frailty scores” to deny the disabled health care. In fact, even the poor levels of medical support for the disabled has been either cut back or eliminated to “free up resources” for COVID, even though hospitals have been standing empty for months.

Just to give you another practical example, in Toronto the courts have denied the homeless the right to sleep in parks, forcing them to pack into crowded homeless shelters… at the same time the city very carefully and specifically removed homeless shelter from the bylaw forcing people to wear PPE indoors in crowded locations. Then the city stopped providing PPE to shelters beyond that required for workers.

Here in Ontario, long-term care homes were so decimated by COVID that some experienced a greater than 80% death rate. The morgues were so full that even stacking bodies on the floor they couldn’t handle them all. One nurse at a care home was forced to carry a corpse in her arms down the street to the hospital because no one wanted the body and the alternative was to leave the body rotting for days in the same room she shared with her widowed husband. The conditions became so horrific in the care homes that attendants, doctors, and nurses fled, leaving the old and disabled to die of dehydration in their beds, in their own waste. The government called in the military and forced them to operate the care homes, and the military found conditions so terrible that they issues a report detailing rotting food, infestations of flies, bed bugs, and cockroaches, and the dead people left decomposing in their beds where they died. The media covered it… for about a week. The provincial government is about to pass a law to make it impossible for the families of the dead to sue the care homes.

Similar situations are occuring everywhere. The weak are being allowed to die while the media is turning a blind eye. Instead of euthanizing or gassing the disabled in the back of trucks like the Nazis, governments are simply allowing COVID to do the work for them. It’s cheaper and less likely to make the liberals excited. As long as people can pretend not to see, they’re happy.

China has been stealing live viral samples all over the world. We know because they actually got caught trying to sneak live samples out in Kanada. Whatever sample escaped the lab in Wuhan, the real question is who was originally developing a bioweapon which disproportionately kills the old, the disabled, the poor, blacks, and latinos. One of the hypotheses I’ve seen is that what escaped is the base bioweapon without the intended payload onboard, and that the US Republikans have been encouraging it to spread among their supporters to immunize them against the weaponized form which will eventually be released.

So no, not only won’t the US get universal health care, it’s currently being dismantled in other places to encourage the genocide of undesirables.

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Of course not.
The colonies will treat the pandemic just like they treat their gun crime problem.

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@SmashtheState I believe that, too. Abortion and Sanger for example.

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If grim realities don’t do it, perhaps the Grim Reaper will. But I hate to contemplate the cost in lives.

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Do I suppose the grim realities might compel this country to adopt universal healthcare, you ask? Only as the pandemic and its consequences proliferate, do I. And if you ask me why, it’s because I think that whenever vaccinations arrive, who is going to finance the inoculation of the uninsured?

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Nobody is uninsured with universal health care.

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