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Why did President Trump vote in Florida and not New York or Washington?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (20368points) October 26th, 2020

I thought that one must live in a riding for 6 months to vote in one state? Or does he have a residence in Florida?

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No personal income tax in Florida, so he changed his official residency to that state.

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New York pissed him off so he moved out of NY. He’s living in Washington simply because he’s the current president so it’s considered a temporary residence which doesn’t give him the right to vote there. He has a personal residence in Florida so that is where he is supposed to vote.

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@elbanditoroso It’s a good reason to move to Florida. The downside is you have to live in Florida.

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Not IF you can live in Washington all week & have somebody else pay your transportation to/from Florida every Friday & Sunday night.

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He changed his primary residency to Florida a couple of years ago. I’ve been wondering if he was required to be in Florida a minimum of 6 months and a day like the rest of us to claim residency in Florida. I assume the president can get an exception just like the military if he had been a resident prior to taking office, but in the middle of his term? Maybe he has been down here enough.

No income tax in Florida, but NY and DC might have tax laws regarding earned income in those states. Not sure how that works with business income of capital gains. Salaries income in some states you have to pay taxes if you earn it while in that state. In TN if you are there 5 months or more you have to pay taxes on dividends and interest. That tax law is being phased out though.

Florida has protections for your primary residence. If you’re sued they can’t come after your homestead.

He could have voted in Florida in person and not sounded like a total hypocritical idiot saying absentee voting is different than mail-in voting blah blah. He’s here during early voting.

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I bet trump didn’t have to stand in line for around 2 hours like most of us did!!!

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Florida sounds like good state if weren’t for all hurricanes that are seasonal, normally warm beaches are better cold days in winter kind suck in west coast. But they have sharks there too. Florida has white beaches which are beautiful. Trump voting in place where he normally voting doesn’t sound bad.

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