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What is the answer to the equation that is one of the clues in Weird Al's song "I lost on Jeopardy"?

Asked by Nevada83 (828points) October 28th, 2020

I tried plugging it in to an algebraic calculator but it came out as an error.

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Weird Al Yankovic – I Lost On Jeopardy at 1:44/3:49. I don’t know it either. C is speed of light and V is velocity. T is time.

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There’s no solution to them per se: they’re general physics equations. I recognize the first and last one as equations describing relativity, but I dont know the details.

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What is the formula for time dilation?

DC for 600 please Alex.

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T. A. R. D. I. S.

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@Strauss Time and relative dimensions in space.

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I suggest that you never try to make sense out of Weird Al as most of his stuff is a parody of somebody else’s song and weren’t created to make sense. It’s his form of musical satire

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