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Are you having trouble answering questions?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (34379points) October 28th, 2020

I twice tried to answer a question, and it froze. I had to close the whole site to escape.

I’m on mobile. Using an Android tablet running Android 10.

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MacBook Pro laptop using FireFox, no problems, Jake.

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Maybe. Not sure. I guess sorta, but not really.

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I also access via mobile (iPhone via Safari) and it does get hung up sometimes after I type up a response and click ‘Answer!’

I think it’s a bug in the mobile site code.

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I still use a DUM and am having no problems except for the DUM being so slow.

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^What’s a DUM?

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Is that a “dumb phone?”

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Dial Up Modem

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Android, no problems.

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Not recently. Desktop PC using Firefarter. ;-p

Sometimes one’s browser-generated RAM usage will overclock what’s available. When that point is reached, one’s device will slow down, and might even freeze.

When that happens to me, I basically do what you did. I close all my internet connections, until I see that I no longer have any Firefox processes running.

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No problem here. Dell laptop, Firefox, cable modem

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