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What do you think of this non-lethal personal security device?

Asked by gondwanalon (21036points) October 29th, 2020

Check this Byrna HD Personal Security Device

It uses paintball technology (with CO2 propellent) but instead of paint it has pepper and tear gas blend: OC, CS all in one shot. Highly accurate at 30 feet. Semi automatic. Shoots the 5 ball magazine as fast as you can pull the trigger and you can pop in a new magazine and keep firing. Also the impact of the balls is very painful with out the paper tear gas.

I currently only have a 22 rifle. But I can’t shot that at anyone even a home intruder. I might kill them. I don’t want to kill anyone. But I will have no problem making a home intruder’s life miserable for a while while he gets the hell away from me. And I call the cops.

With all the unrest and riots going on nowadays, I’m nervous about home security. We live in a secluded area in a residential area but hidden in the woods. Been burglarized 3 times in the past when we weren’t home. Recently put up security cameras and more outside security lights.

What say you?

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Get some cameras and adopt a dog or two. That’s going to give you more security than anything.

I own a crossbow for personal protection. It’s not going to win a gunfight, but if I’m in the situation where I’m engaged in a gunfight with one or more armed intruders then I’ve already made a bunch of terrible decisions.

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Sounds like a good choice for a non-lethal. I hope that’s enough to keep you and your family safe.

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I just read their info. Remember, this is a CO2 powered device. It will not be ready in a moment’s notice. After you puncture the CO2 cartridge the CO2 will slowly leak out. You would have to store it with with the cartridge almost in position and then when you are ready, you twist the screw that pushes the cartridge into the puncture pin. That will take a few seconds.
It is definitely better than nothing. You should definitely practice beforehand with paint balls to get a feeling for how it will shoot.

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@LuckyGuy Didn’t know about the CO2 leakage. That’s an important factor. A situation could get really bad really quick if I pointed that thing at a bad guy, pull the trigger and then nothing happens. Best to put a new CO2 container into the gun but not pierce it. And practice working with it like you advise. Thanks!

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It seems like a good option. I don’t want to own a gun, but I like the idea of a non-lethal weapon. I own pepper spray and used to carry it in my backpack in college after I heard stories of students being mugged.

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@gondwanalon Without firing a shot, a pierced CO2 cartridge will last anywhere from an hour to a week or so. The seals, fit and finish vary quite a bit from model to model and even gun to gun. Also each gun has a break-in period that is noticeable if you are doing target shooting. Things begin to settle down and become more repeatable after about 20 shots.
I’d recommend buying at least a dozen cartridges they are cheap, and at least 100 paint balls and spend a day practicing.
Practice like your life depended upon it.

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In close quarters you might be better served with one of those short bats that truckers use to thump their tires.

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@LuckyGuy Good advice. They sell practice balls with inert powder. Also hard rubber balls that just hurt like hell. I think that pepper and tear gas blend would most effective as long as I don’t make the mistake of mixing up the practice balls with the tear gas balls. HA!

Also they indicate that Byrna HD is always ready to go. It’s designed so that the CO2 cartridge is not pierced until you pull the trigger, leaving it in an indefinite ready-state.

@kritiper That could really get ugly. Wouldn’t want to be that close to a bad guy in my house. May be a full sized baseball bat?

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@gondwanalon Stand in the doorway of your bedroom or a hallway. Imagine swinging a full size bat at an assailant. Get the picture? That’s what I meant by “close quarters.”

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IMO. The best defensive tool, is your knowledge.

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@gondwanalon I just saw this description in the FAQ section:
“Byrna® CO2 cartridges have a virtually indefinite shelf life. The cartridge is not pierced until the trigger is pulled so you can always keep an unpunctured CO2 cartridge in your Byrna HD to maximize its utility for self-defense. The Byrna HD incorporates puncture technology to allow it to fire on the first trigger pull. We recommend loading a new CO2 cartridge after every sustained use of the Byrna HD because once the cartridge is punctured CO2 will leak out over a 24-hour period.”

That means the first trigger pull punctures the CO2 cartridge. That will be quite a heavy trigger pull. Follow up shots will be easier. Note it says the gas leak out in 24 hours.

Also 0.68” is the standard size for paint balls. You can buy them at any sporting goods store – even Walmart. They are cheap. CO2 cartridges a re cheap, too.

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Thanks again for your thoughts.
Also if I fired this gun in the house then having a good respirator handy would be a good idea. I use a respirator when I spray resin gel coat which eliminates all the toxic fumes.

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If the situation is bad enough to fire the gun in the house you probably won’t have time to bother with a respirator. That will be the least of your worries. It is good to have one anyway.

Outdoors use paint balls for practice and to mark your target. Get a good feel for how the device shoots and how mu8ch drop you can expect a different distances. Mostly you want to learn how hard you have to pull to get that first shot off. With a heavy trigger pull your shot will not be very accurate so practice firing a second round very soon after the first. Do not wait.

Pyramyd Air sells an interesting product in 68 caliber. Paintball shotgun

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@LuckyGuy That paintball shotgun looks wicked! Just the sight of that thing would likely send a home intruder running for his life. The price is good too.

This “Salt Supply Pepper Spray Gun is about $100 less that the Byrna HD but it’s bigger and can hold 7 balls instead of 5 balls. Looks bulky. Also like the Byrna HD a new CO2 cartridge is punctured by Simply pulling the trigger.

I like the smaller size of the Byrne HD and it looks more like a real gun than the Salt Supply Pepper Spray Gun.

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I did more reading on the Byrna site. I did not see any specification for velocity. In their FAQs they say not to use paintballs as the Byrna is more powerful and the paintballs will break. But they do not give any specs.

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Know a potential enemy. Is he right handed? If he has a weapon, it’s probably on his right side. Any assault, will likely come from that side.
You aquire this information, from observation.
A simple example, is a wrist watch. If it’s on his left, he’s probably right handed.
Most people are right handed.
If you are right handed, you need your left foot, in between their’s.
And. You move left, avoiding the power of the dominant hand.
Personally, I get very close.
I generally will step on their foot, and prevent them from moving.
Then I grab their clothes, or hair, and remove any mobility.

I prefer to fight, in a phone booth. If necessary.

No weapons required…..

It’s quite simple, that way. No weapons required….

In my experience, it works well, and you might end up getting stitches….

A properly trained individual, can handle another person, without a weapon.
However. You will probably take some blows, in the process.

But. You will likely heal up, and be better off , after the altercation.

Just my thoughts…....

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@MrGrimm888 You’re BEAST MODE! You’re hired as my security guard!

If this pop-gun doesn’t stop an intruder then I’m pretty much SOL. Especially if the intruder has a real gun. Maybe I’ll get a 9 mm Barrette as a backup.

But as you indicated above, our most powerful weapon is our brain.

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The use of a non-lethal means to stop an intruder has potentially deadly consequences. For you! The intruder may have other ideas about your well being and it’s hardly worth the risk to let him have his way.

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@kritiper I thought of just letting a burglar just walk all over me and take whatever he wants. If the intruder has a gun and gets the jump on me then that is my plan A.

Honestly there really aren’t much valuables or anything worth sealing in our house. My maintenance tools and two iPads and my aging GoPro cameras are probably worth something. I have set up a dummy safe loaded with fake gold coins, a fake gold Rolex, a stack of 100 $1 bills and a bunch of fake gold jewelry. I’ll also quickly hand over my checkbook, wallet with my one credit card and ID’s.

Plan B is when I get the jump on the intruder. I won’t hesitate to unload two magazines of tear gas/pepper spray combo into the SOB while I grab a baseball bat.

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A better plan B =. Unload the Byrna HD into the bad guy and then run into the woods and call cops.

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@gondwanalon He may kill you before you really have a chance to decide. May your death in such a matter be worthwhile to you. It isn’t for me.

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^The problem with this logic, is why there are a lot of dead people. Both criminal, and victim.

It’s been proven, that a person carrying a gun, typically cannot remove and effectively use it, when a person with a knife, is inside of 25 feet of them.
In addition. Many people are reluctant, or ignorant of how to use a gun.
As a result, they can have their gun taken from them, or shoot the wrong people.

In any case. There are better ways to handle things.

Install good locks, on your doors. If necessary, screw your windows shut.
Have a large amount of external lights.
Don’t put yourself into potentially dangerous situations.
Always know your surroundings, and potential escape routes.

And. Don’t start shit, when you are unaware of whomever you are around.
Your brain, is your greatest defense.
Information, is your greatest power.

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Survival is the important thing.
Instead of fighting the intruder I’ll concentrate on increasing security (lights, locks and alarm) and a quick escape plan.

FYI: On YouTube there’s demonstration of how powerful the Byrna HD is. 2 shots can put a man on the ground screaming. That would give me a lot of time to get away.

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Don’t come into my house in the middle of the night. I shoot to kill, no questions asked…

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@kritiper Good on you.
I qualified easily as expert with the M16 in the Army. I was always on the our battalion rifle competition team. I was a deadly shot at 400 meters. It was a very powerful feeling knowing that if I can see the enemy then I have the skills to reach out and kill him. If I practice with that Byrna HD gun then I’ll likely be very effective in using it. And I won’t have to kill anyone.

FYI: Love the name “Byrna”. It’s short for burn ya. HA!

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