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Are you folks feeling hopeful about the election?

Asked by Nomore_lockout (7582points) October 30th, 2020

Will we wake up the day after to a New Blue World, or more of the same ol’, same ol’ from President Tweety Bird?

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No. I have been disappointed in the American electorate too many times.

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As an outsider looking in,I will keep my thoughts to myself until after the election.

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Don’t worry. Be happy. The big guy and Harris have this election in the bag.

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@gondwanalon I hope so, but I felt the same way about Hillary’s chances 4 years ago.

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Hold on now. You think if Biden wins Trump stops Tweeting? I think Trump will be tweeting for many years to come.

If I you force me to guess, I think Biden will win, but I don’t want to lay money on it.

I think Florida might actually go Biden. All along I have felt wary about saying it. It’s tough here in the land of Mickey.

I think Michigan goes Biden.

I just want it over. Whoever wins I hope the country calms the hell down. I pray if Trump wins he gets his act together about encouraging masks and more safety regarding covid and that the FBI arrests these Q leaders.

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No. There is no possible outcome that is positive. Either way we will have an utterly contemptuous, lying, sexual assailant, who is responsible for a great amount of evil being done in this country and abroad, with no interest in policy that will help the American people. The one “redeeming” quality of a Trump Presidency is that his utter and complete ineptitude has limited the damage he has caused. Biden’s full-throated championing of neoliberalism, corruption, austerity, and the likelihood that he will pack his administration with lobbyists and corporate-friendly scoundrels who aim to continue to shift the Democratic Party further right than the Republicans were in the 90’s while marginalizing and firewalling all progressive ambition, will very likely result in a 2024 Republican landslide.

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I read somewhere that Texas is very on the edge of turning
Blue. That would make me happy as a pig in slop.

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I’m hopeful but yet not counting on anything.

It will be interesting, for sure. Amazing that it’s only four days away.

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I am not as hopeful as I was a week ago. A week ago I had about a 65% confidence level, now it is more fifty fifty.

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I am more confident with every day. The news looks increasingly grim for Trump. For one thing, he’s even further behind in the polls than when in the words of Jimmy Kimmel “we first kicked open the portal to hell” in 2016.

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@Jleslie I really, really hope you are right. People keep saying whoever wins Florida wins it all.

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@chyna So hard to know. It’s so close in my state. The Biden people are very visible and vocal this time in Florida so it feels like it could go his way.

Where I live there are constant Biden rallies, here’s a link and set-ups on high traffic intersections.

Actress Megan Boone who grew up here and is a great granddaughter of the founder, did 10,000 robocalls to Villagers to vote Biden. The founding family is well known to support the Republican Party, it’s scandalous. Lol. Her mom is especially well known to Villagers as one of our benevolent leaders. My closest friend here voted Biden, and she voted Trump last time.

No guarantee though, there are a lot of Republicans in this state. A lot of terrified Republicans, so they are very motivated.

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My best friends who live in Kentucky (Mitch McConnell territory) have been diehard republicans their entire adult life. They switched to independent this time and voted for Biden. Maybe trump has really shot himself in the foot this time.

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@chyna Wow, it would be interesting if Trump is the undoing of the Republican Party. I guess it’s more likely reorganization than undoing. Why were they Republicans? Was it religious right issues or more fiscal and economic?

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More fiscal and economic. They both have very high positions in their Fortune 500 company.

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@JLeslie: I can’t envision Trump being the undoing of the Republican party because so many Republicans just love him to the ends of the Earth, despite his comments about fat women, horse faced women, grabbing women by the pussies, comments about race, making fun of a reporter who has Cerebral Palsy, the list goes on and on. I can imagine if he loses the election, he’ll still be loved by many, probably with a job on Faux News or something like that.

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@chyna Interesting. My dad was a Republican mostly for fiscal and economic reason, but the reason he had first become a Republican in college (he had been a Democrat) was because he felt the Democrats were too permissive with hate speech. Imagine that?! He finally defected from the Republicans party 40 years later, because the religious right became obviously more and more powerful in the party. He still thinks it is important to keep business here and that taxation on businesses is an important factor, but he will not vote for one Republican now, not local not anything.

@jca2 I think you are right, but I think it could go back to just being obsessed with making abortion illegal and lower taxes and not so hateful.

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