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Whatever happened to The Carpenters?

Asked by Nomore_lockout (7582points) October 30th, 2020

My wife and I got some rare alone time last night with the Grand children at the skateing rink with their daddy. We built a fire on the fire place, poured us some wine, and were talking about music and stuff from back in the day. She told me she had liked The Carpenters as a teen, and I kind of drew a blank until we found a few of their old songs on You Tube. Top of the World was ok I guess?

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I thought they were a bit square for my tastes, but I didn’t want to ruin the mood of you catch my drift. Anyways whatever became of them?

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Karen Carpenter died of anorexia back in the 70s.

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Sad…@Dutchess_III I always thought that was a teen girl thing. Not making light of it, just sayin’.

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My sister had it. Still does. It’s from a desire to be perfect. She is soooo self controlled about the number of calories she consumes.
I think she’d look better with a few extra pounds….but she’s happy with herself.

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@ Dutchess_III Well that’s good I suppose , maybe best not to press the issue. Especially with your own sis.

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I heard that he decided to stop making movies, when at a party, he tried to talk to Cronenberg, and he did not even look at him.

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He’s making a joke about the horror director John Carpenter.

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Oh ok. Missed.that, not all that into horror movies. Thank you for the clarification. I was like, WTF?

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The music is really pop-ish but I like it because it reminds me of growing up. When I was little (early 70’s), their music was popular.

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Love their music. I was first introduced to their music through the Simpsons episode where they first show how Homer and Marge met. They used the song “They Long To Be (Close To You” to really great effect.

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Well some of the stuff we watched together was ok, “On Top of the World” in particular. Wasn’t crazy about the rest of it myself but I kept my yap shut. LOL

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@Nomore_lockout: Check out “Superstar.”

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@jca2 ok checked it out, liked it. Somewhat depressing though. Sounds like they’re breaking up and breakup songs always get me down. I’m hopelessly sappy.

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When your band is basically two members the death of one tends to bring a sudden halt to your career.

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They broke through singing “We’ve only Just Begun” as the soundtrack for a Crocker Bank commercial in California.

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Reminds me of middle school sock hops.

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Lol Dutchess I know. But ours were a bit more sophisticated. At least we got the Beatles.

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I mean that Lady Madonna and Help!, in my opinion, are a bit more with it than We’ve Only Just Begun. Gag a maggot!

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I almost picked a Carpenters song for my first song at my wedding, and I was married in the 90’s. I love their music.

Incredibly sad what happened to Karen Carpenter. I was a teenager when she died and there was already a lot of awareness coming out into the mainstream about anorexia at that time. She was like the icing on the cake regarding learning about that disease, and how it can kill you. Very sad.

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I really like The Carpenters’ cover of “Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft”.

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“We’ve Only Just Begun” is the uber wedding song, although I made a mix-tape for the music at our wedding and it wasn’t on it. I was more into singer songwriters and folk groups.

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Karen Carpenter had a beautiful voice, but often lacked the ability to express emotion with it. Still, she had a lot of hits, my favorite being Superstar and Merry Christmas Darling.
She was ridiculed for her anorexia, which eventually killed her. It was quite sad.

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After Karen died from complications of Anorexia, Richard lost his desire to continue on. They made some beautiful music together, but as a solo, I don’t think Richard would have been a huge hit!!! We’ve Only Just Begun is one of my all-time favorites & I also enjoyed Close To You.

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Karen Carpenter lead a sad, tragic life, and died of anorexia, which is a horrific, slow death.

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Although their musical style was far more sugary-pop than what I was listening to at time, I did (and still do) admire their musical showmanship, and fact that they overdubbed all their choral-like harmonies. Given the state of studio technology at the time, it was a pretty awesome feat, unmatched except possibly by Queen and Bohemian Rhapsody.

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Bohemian Rhapsody would be hard to beat!

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One thing that’s often overlooked is Richard’s talent as an arranger and multi-instrumentalist, and also as a producer.

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Yeah, the guy never got the credit he deserved. He was overwhelmed by his sisters singing talent I guess.

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