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Does anyne know why I can see my veins so well?

Asked by MicaDirtCat (307points) September 6th, 2008

My friend said I was translucent! I have always been moderately pale, haven’t gotten a tan in a while, and have always been “veiny” but it seemed worse today. It’s mainly on my chest and skinny arms. Just wondering if I am normal!

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Don’t know but next time you ask a question you might want to get acquainted with the “details” section.
Just some friendly advice.

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This is normal. You might be a little “overhydrated” and your veins are a bit more plump with fluid than usual. Rest assured, everything will be “back to normal” soon.

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Thanks. It’s hard to think I am overhydrated considering the soda I drink but who knows. Do you think low blood pressure has anything to do with it? I usually have low bp but nothing alarming.

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How old are you? Veins tend to become more prominent with age as the skin becomes thinner. Also, if you are losing weight, then the loss of any fat in the subcutaneous (below the skin) tissue will make the veins more prominent. Finally, smoking can weaken the skin, and make veins bulge out more. I doubt low blood pressure would do it. People with excessively low blood pressure tend to have collapsed, and thus, hard to see veins.

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You’re nobility.
From the section on “blue blood” in the wiki article about nobility:

“There is no connection between the phrase and the actual blood color of nobility; however, in the ancient and medieval societies of Europe, much of the upper class may have had superficial veins that appeared blue through their untanned skin, in contrast with the working class of the time, mainly agricultural peasants. ”

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I am a pasty white redhead, you can see my veins everywhere! Totally normal for me. The Queen

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Shilolo- I am a 28 yr old female who does smoke (I know, I know). My veins don’t bulge out, they just make a not- so- attractive road map. I figured tanning would help but I’m not the sunning type.

Breedmitch- I think I will commit your answer to memory. Thanks.

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Quite smoking… For your health, and, for your skin.

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I think it’s perfectly normal, for you. Everyone’s different. I’m guessing it has to do with being pale, maybe thin?, and genetic luck. Nothing to worry about definitely.

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My guess would be that without the melanin (tan), the bluish color of the veins is allowed to show through more, and so the veins seem prominent.

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are you cold, im hispanic and have dark skin but when i get cold you can see my veins more. Maybe you were just cold

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I am dead fish belly white myself with visible veins. Yucky, perhaps, but not to panic.

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@Marina: (bows) Your grace.

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@breed Yes, I always found the blueblood thing ironic, especially in bathing suit season when I yearned for a tan. (Back when it was OK to yearn for a tan.)

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