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Is it rude, or just unnecessary, for a waiter to say “there you go!” when delivering order?

Asked by Stunningindigo (8points) October 30th, 2020 from iPhone

I say both. Rude because it somehow seems patronizing and it is unnecessary.

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It’s rude. Much better to just say “thank you.”

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It depends on the situation. I’ve had here you go and I hope you enjoy your meal usually followed by is there anything else you may need before leaving. And I’ve gone into restaurants that may be bustling and they are understaffed that day and the waiter may forget the pleasantries as they rush to deliver more food as quickly as possible.

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I wouldn’t think so. It’s just folksy, the equivalent to “here we are” or “dinner is served”. To me It’s the sort of thing you might pick up from your mom or grandma.

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I don’t mind it.

I agree with @stanleybmanly.

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In a casual context, it’s not only not rude, but somewhat advisable, as it establishes a casual, lighthearted connection with the customer, which most (I say this as someone who spent many years as a server) enjoy.

Just putting food in front of someone without acknowledging them is rude.

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No, it isn’t rude.

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Can I change my answer? I misread the question and thought it was the customer saying it to the waiter.

No, it is not rude for a waiter to say it, in fact I would think when delivering to a child it would make everyone more comfortable.

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Not rude, not necessary. More meaningful to say, “Is there anything else I can get you? Enjoy your meal.”

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I think it’s cultural and could be (actually or perceived to be) rude in some context/geographies. I can’t ever recall interpreting it as being rude, unless it was said with a condescending tone. I also live in the South.

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No. That’s a culturally-appropriate – and expected – thing that is said here in northeast US.

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I’ve never noticed it IF it has been said to me!!! As a waitress in my younger days, I usually opted yo use I hope you enjoy your meal. Is there anything else that you need me to get for you? I don’t find it rude & I can see it as being necessary when that is the best with which your brain offers!!!

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Would you prefer that the waiter says “Yes Master, here is your food master”?

I think, @Stunningindigo you’re inventing something. Nothing wrong with what your purported waiter says. Calm down.

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Why would it be rude? It seems similar to saying “Have a nice day” after an interaction.

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It’s not rude, unless the server is pointing at the Exit or their crotch when they say it. ;-o

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I’d think it depends on how they say it…if it’s with a friendly tone, I wouldn’t mind personally or think twice about it. But if they said it rudely like my presence was bothering them or something, then of course I’d take it as offensive.

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Depends on tone but no I don’t think it is.

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