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What is your favorite Family Guy episode?

Asked by Mrs_Dr_Frank_N_Furter (587points) September 6th, 2008

I’m watching it right now, and this question just popped into my mind. So which is it?

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Also, who is your favorite character?

Mine is Tom Tucker and Lois’s dad

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The one with the barbershop quartet singing about vasectomies. I like the black guy.

For the record, Family Guy sucks in general though: most of the humor is overly crass and irrelevant. I’ve seen jokes they use in other places before they air it, too. Most of it just comes off as obnoxious, though. So for me, my favorite “episodes” are really more of favorite moments that shine above what is otherwise a pointless annoyance where every young person I know idolizes it similar to the way 9 year olds go ape shit over Hannah Montana.

ducks and waits for people to tell him how awesome family guy is, and how he is going to burn in hell for being a naysayer

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Stewie kills Lois or.. Lois kills Stewie.

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I don’t like Hannah Montana either. But back to the question, everyone has their own opinion :)

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For you blastfamy

I know all the words.

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lurve for you @breedmitch; I know them too!

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Although it is not an episdoe but rather a movie, I very much enjoy Blue Harvest.
And my favorite character is, by far, Brian.

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I like the episode where Lois is drunk and her and Peter is having sex.
Lois says, ” He is knocking at the backdoor. Should I let him in?”

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I like the one where Brian gets fed up and leaves, saying he’s not going to come back. But he eventually does, like everyone knew he would.

Sounds like an episode of Fluther, too.

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fifteen minutes of shame.
screwed the pooch.
peter griffein: husband, father…brother?

some of my favorites.

poofandmook; good episode.

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@poof: this isn’t really Mrs_Dr_Frank_N_Furter. She was serious about leaving. I’m her friend and I’m using her account. She isn’t coming back on for good

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@Mrs_Dr: I didn’t mention anyone specifically.

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The episodes that largely feature Stewie and Brian together are my favourites and any episode where Peter fights Ernie the chicken.

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Lois as a foot model cracked me up for obvious reasons.

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