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Is it helpful to wash your gloves with sanitizer or soap while wearing them?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (20356points) October 31st, 2020

Just wondering.

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What kind of gloves?

Nitrile? Latex? Deerskin lined with rabbit fur? Nylon filled with down?

Specifics please.

If you are talking about surgical type gloves, nitrile or latex, it does more help than hindrance. But it is better to take them off, wash your hands properly, and put on a fresh pair of gloves.

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@zenvelo Food handing gloves, in a deli in a grocery store.

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^^^ Well yes, it is helpful. But it isn’t best practices.

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Food handling gloves are disposable. Wash hands first. Toss food handling loves after each use.

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Food handling gloves, just like masks, are supposed to be thrown away after each use. Something that doesn’t always happen.

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