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What do you love about living alone?

Asked by Jeruba (52835points) October 31st, 2020

If you live alone, what is great about it?

If you don’t live alone, but wish you did, what do you think would be great about it?

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No arguing about what to watch.

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I can shower at 3am.

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Eating what, when and where I want. Going to bed when I want and having the whole bed to myself. Things staying where I put them. Being in control of my own finances.

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My schedule is entirely my own, especially now that I am no longer working. Having the peace I want to do as I like. If I want the company of humans, I arrange it. I hang out with my dog, he lets me do what I want.
Really, I can’t come up with a down side.

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All of what everyone else said.

Plus one more -> I like silence. Living alone means that I have sound when I wish, and silence when I desire.

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Not answering to anyone about anything. I don’t have to cook if I don’t want to, I can have ice cream for breakfast or I can eat all day long without someone giving me a look. I can read in bed and not worry that I’m keeping anyone up.
I can watch HGTV all day and not have to watch a football game that I don’t want to watch.

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”...Ivan eat all day long…”

If you live alone, then who’s Ivan? ;-p

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Would have been being able to spend money on anything I blasted want, with out hearing well, the kids need this or that or the other. Can’t even spend money on my wife for a necklace or candy for her B day or Valentine’s and not hear about it.

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I live alone sometimes. The longer stretches are usually 2 months.

I like setting the temperature in the house where I want. Luckily, my husband and I aren’t too far apart on this, but still not perfectly in line.

I like not worrying about waking up my husband by making noise.

I like not worrying about cooking for someone else. I actually enjoy when my husband loves what I cook, but a break from cooking is great.

I like doing whatever the hell I want without worrying about someone else judging it or questioning it.

I like spending time with friends and not worrying about having to give my husband any attention. I should say my husband generally is not demanding of my attention and never is annoyed or angry if I want to go out with friends, it’s still a different dynamic when he’s home.

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@Brian1946 Ha, I caught that and fixed it!

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I probably wouldn’t last these days on my own. The wife swears I’m rudderless when she isn’t around to crack the whip. And to tell the truth, I no longer am prepared to dispute her assessment.

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I am in charge of my own life and responsible for my future , no one else is.
Have my hobbies and projects to do whenever I want and live in an area that I like that only a block away are many trails to take hiking etc
Live in the country rather than the busy city life that I once had.
Many activities that I can choose to do or not, no one to confer with as to time tables etc
No rush to get supper on the table as living alone I can choose to eat out, get delivery or cook my favorite foods.
Listen to music that I like and watch movies that I like, and dress as I like for comfort or going .
Can have visitors over of whom I like .
Keep my apartment clean and tidy and organized ( most of the time ). ( storage room needs to be reorganized).
I suppose living alone affords independence where one does not have to confer with a mate about choices.

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What those above said. It’s heaven!!

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Everything that was said, above. But regardless it’s not all peaches n cream. I liked making a statement or asking a question and he was here to reply. It can make you anxious when nobody listens to you and responds. Crickets. You have nobody to go up to bat for you. He would always stand up for me and contact the right person to make things right. He would direct workmen of all kinds. It is a little intimidating for me to talk to someone about fixing this or that. He would go through mountains of mail and make sure all was well with bills, etc. I’m getting used to all the new “chores” shall we say, but it’s still a hassle. Far from Heaven.

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OMG @nomore lockout. Your wife put the kid’s needs over her desire for candy? Wow. Grounds for divorce for sure.

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@Aster FWIW, It’s taken me a long time to get comfortable with having to do everything myself and there are still times when I’d be happy to have a partner to share the chores and the responsibility.

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Right @janbb? Rick and I have been together for 20 years after being single 10 years alone. Not a day goes by I have to remind myself to be grateful for the help.

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@Dutchess_III Well yeah but she deserves a treat now and then too. And I enjoy getting her a present now and then. She could at least indulge me with that. Let me surprise her with a set of earrings or take her to the mall and buy her some new duds. Why are women so selfless?

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I appreciate all responses. I did have ten years on my own before moving west, and I loved a lot of things about it.

These days I might start my list with (1) not having to deal with anyone’s insanity except my own.

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@Jeruba Best avoid politics then, I can’t imagine anything more inducive to stress and indigestion. More so these days.

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Because we are @Nomore_lockout. And you’ve been the benificiary of that selflessness more than you know. Just accept it.

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@Dutchess_III Agreed, and I bow before your feminine wisdom.

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I will selflessly accept your accolades. (Send chocolate covered cherries!)

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My pleasure Dutchy! Now that’s more the ticket.

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