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Did you hear The Lincoln Project is being sued by the Trumps for putting up billboards?

Asked by JLeslie (62558points) October 31st, 2020

If you don’t know, the Lincoln Project is a group of Republicans who are fighting to take down Trump. They still have many disagreements with the Democrats on policy, but they have set it all aside to help Biden win. They feel Trump is a real threat to our Democracy.

Here is their website. Scroll down to see their mission. Check out their team to see who is leading up the project, you will see many familiar names.

I just saw on facebook that the project is being sued for putting up billboards with Trump family quotes. Here is the link, but it is inbedded in facebook, I couldn’t figure out how to get it to a regular website.

If the quotes are real, if everything on the billboard is true, can the Trumps win a suit?

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Did you know @JLeslie if you shine a light in Trump left ear the light comes out the of the right ear ?

Here’s the NY Times article Jared Kushner with damning quotes and statistics !

No they can’t (win if they) sue; the quotes were from Trump’s family members.

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Too little too late. You gotta hand it to Trump. He’s out there stumping his ass off at his mass spread rallies. But I seriously doubt that he can withstand the record Democratic turnout as well as the battalions of disgusted defectors from the Republican ranks.

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If the quotes are true then, no, they cannot win.

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Never sue people that want to be sued.

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It’s hilarious that the Trumps would react so stupidly.

They won’t win – nothing to sue about. They will be laughed out of court.

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The Lincoln Project is full of war criminals and Reaganomics kool-aid drinkers. Not exactly the type of group I want to hear preach to the public on how bad Trump is. They should be apologizing.

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@rockfan Some of them do apologize, but not necessarily for the specific things you want them to apologize for. They do take some responsibility for what led to Trump being in office.

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No such thing as bad publicity. Would any of us have known about the billboards if the Trumps were not suing?

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For what it’s worth they haven’t actually filed suit. I think it’s unlikely that they actually would. Lawsuits of this nature can take years to litigate, can be quite expensive and are notoriously difficult for the plaintiff to win. No, they won’t actually sue. They’re simply using the threat of litigation in an effort to shut down the Lincoln Project’s campaign. The Lincoln Project has called their bluff, so I doubt we’ll hear much more about it from the Trump clan.

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@Darth_Algar I just saw they haven’t filed suit yet. I had misunderstood. Thank you for posting it here.

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