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What do you think of the Trump caravan that tried to run a Biden campaign bus off the highway in Texas?

Asked by Demosthenes (15038points) November 1st, 2020

Trump has praised them.

The defense seems to be that left-wing protesters block streets and impede traffic all the time and this is no different.

What’s your opinion? A sign of clashes to come on Election Day?

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If the situation was reversed, trump would be throwing a hissy fit

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It was shameful.

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My opinion? It was not only wrong but dangerous. They could have killed someone with their antics, including themselves. People have gone to prison for far lesser crimes and I doubt they did their cause any good. Gave them a brief period of feeling powerful, maybe, but since they seemed to think they were targeting Harris, who wasn’t even on the bus, maybe they should have an equal period of feeling totally foolish. I imagine all they accomplished was driving a few more donations and votes to the Biden/Harris campaign.

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Because they’re dumb fucks.

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Maybe time they learn that Repub rednecks aren’t the only people with guns.

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And one more proof that, if brains were dynamite, Trump and his fan club would have trouble lowing their nose.

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Trump fans are in custody for scheming to kidnap and murder the governor of Michigan. The Biden bus passengers would have to fear the same kind of action.

We’re going to endure a few violent actions from Trumpanzees if the election does not go their way. If you keep a large number of resentful ignorant bigots stirred up and angry, some of them will act out.

It’s the same tactic used by other conservative groups like Al Qaeda.

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South Carolina just learned this past week that the exact same group that planned the kidnapping of the MI Governor were also planning on killing the Governor of SC & nobody thought to let his security team know anything about it. As crazy as ALL this is, the Governor of SC is a trump supporting rep!!!

Now to respond to what happened in Texas, that used to be grounds to be arrested for attempted murder & let the courts work it out…but, I’m sure there were some really good people on both sides!!!

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BLM blocking traffic had a legitimate purpose. Getting police, and local government to PAY ATTENTION and work with the forgotten community. For POC’s to simply say “Stop killing us!” And provide legitimate ideas for how the community as whole can be better to the black community. How can we help lift black voices, who truly are underrepresented.

No one is NOT paying attention to the Trump supporters. They are everywhere and not victims. (Although they like to claim they are for their political views.)

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Between this stunt and the attempted kidnap of MI Governor, who needs ISIS?

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Dumb asses.
And the fact that the candidate they support did not speak out against the action is further proof he is one, too.

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Well its Texas, they tend to do whatever they want anyway. But no, it wasn’t okay.

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Not only did he not condemn it @LuckyGuy, he tweeted that he loves Texas on the heels of it.

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God I am so nervous about tomorrow…

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At one of his rallies, he said “that they were just escorting the bus to its destination”

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Oh bullshit. He is such a liar.

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If lying really made your pants catch on fire, he’d have burnt drumsticks for legs

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