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Why, when I am exhausted, do I get gas?

Asked by prince (322points) September 7th, 2008

It never fails. If I’m really sleep deprived, all of the next day I’ll have horrible gas. Like, gut wrenching gas pains. Explosive. What gives? Is there a medical explanation?

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Since your tank is on empty, you putt-putt around!

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I wonder if you have some intestinal sensitivity (like a very mild form of irritable bowel syndrome) that causes some inflammatory response when you are stressed (i.e., sleep deprived).

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Also, some people, when exhausted, start to eat too fast or choose the wrong kinds of food. We all have different physical responses to stress; headaches, back pain, diarrhea, rashed for example. (At least in my family of origin, who never cleared the air, but got sick instead. So much more propriety attached to bronchitis rather than saying, “I hate cooking T’day dinner for 20 people.”)

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Acute anxiety usually goes directly to my digestive tract. I don’t have your exact response, but I definitely have an explosive reaction.

Now that you have made this connection, you can work on staying well rested as much as possible.

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Stress…. it’s a gas!

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Probably stress, or your swallowing a lot of air when you eat. Fiber gives you lots of gas too…maybe when you relax your bowels relax too..Jumping jacks helps push air out of your system faster…maybe do that?

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