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Which do you think is better?

Asked by Traveosa (60points) September 7th, 2008

I just got RockBand today. I have had GH3 for almost a year now. I like how the GH3 Guitar strums more than the RockBand guitar…What is your opinion?

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My husband and I love GH3 . We hated RockBand though. We bought it when it first came out but we ended up selling it.

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personally i love playing the drums so i love rock band, but i hear that GH4 or whatever the next one is will have drums. the rock band 2 equipment is supposed to be pretty improved though

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It took awhile for me to get use to RockBand. But once I did, I liked it better.

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I agree with iJimmy!

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Haven’t played either. We want to get into Rock Band more though… why? Because we have friends. Real life friends… and so, we need something more than one fake guitar to pass around.

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We did the same as Adina. We bought it around thanksgiving last year, but got bored with it fast and sold it. For us it’s only good if we have a bunch of friends over, which doesn’t happen that often.

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I agree with iJimmy as well. I was used to Guitar Hero, so of course at first I didn’t care for it because it was different. As I played though, I found it to really be better. =)

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I greatly enjoyed the versatility involved with Rock Band. If I didn’t feel like playing guitar, I could play drums. If not drums, then vocals, etc. I think because of that, Rock Band is able to hold interest for longer periods of time.

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Just to clarify people, he/she is talking about the strumming action of the two guitars. Not which is a better game or any of that.

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I like the strum bar on the GH guitars better than RB guitars, however, I like RB much better so I bought an aftermarket guitar. It works for RB1, RB2, GH1, 2, & 3, (probably WT as well.) It also works on PS2 & PS3.

strum bars that click

stiff, silent strum bars

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