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Fill in the rest anyway you want. Be creative and FUNNY.

Asked by Mr_M (7596points) September 7th, 2008

“A woman walks into a drug store and asks the guy behind the counter “Do you have cotton balls?” The guy answers:

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“Yes, aisle 7.” Funny and creative. Mostly because the clean answer would be the least expected.

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“No, I have balls of steel.”

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No, but I have a Q Tip.

…I’m not even sure what that means.

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….as he’s leaning forward on the counter, his face contorted, “Right now, I sure wish I did!”

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“No. Sadly, I only have moth balls.”

Doesn’t make much sense. Not my finest effort. Promise to do better next time.

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My wife has mine in a jar back at home.

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Large or small?

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do YOU have cotton balls?


excuse me, while i whip some out.

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(The next line need NOT be the punch line. The guy might respond “Why?” and the woman answers…...)

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“No, but I have a canvas bag.”

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“yeah, suck on them and you’ll have cotton mouth.”

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After last night? really wanna know?

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Attempt No. 2
“No. I have balls of steel.”
The man jumps over the counter and pulls off his mask… it’s Chuck Norris! He roundhouse kicks the lady, knocking her out, and says…
“No one accuses Chuck Norris of having cotton balls…”
The manager comes over and says “You can’t do that to our customers! You’re fired!”
.......I think you know how this one ends…

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no actually, it’s superman, he knocks the lady to krypton, but says, no one must know that that’s the only place not steel.

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Yep, just got ‘em fresh today.

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the guy behind the counter is completely trashed and in an effort to keep his balance, and magically grab what he thinks are cotton balls. He actually grabs ALOT of taffy, throughs part of his mad grab in the air and slips on the floor saying “here you go” in the best way possible right before he hits the ground. I would laugh pretty hard if I walked into a store and the guy working the register was wasted.

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From Mrs. Sourpuss;

This is not a question but a set-up; people can not be commanded to be creative and funny; and if, by chance, they are, the audience and not the performer decides.

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sourpuss? be happy.

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@Necro: I was feeling grumpy only situationally. I am content. Milo is chewing on my left wrist and I have ripe tomatoes on the vine. But thanks for the good thought. G

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I’ve found some of these quite amusing and have put a smile on my face while I work through some math, thanks, wish I could think of something witty hehe.

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Yes, but only those who can dance are allowed to attend.

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“nope, but, why are you naked?”

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Okay, I have been thinking and thinking, trying to come up with a way to incorporate “Are you looking for sterile or cosmetic balls?” (as in sterile cotton balls and cosmetic cotton balls) into a good punch line, but I can’t, so I’m throwing it out here to see if someone can come up with something clever….

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And elderly man and woman sneak into the the broom closet at the nursing home to play around a little. As they are stripping down, the woman says “Before we begin, I want you to know I have acute angina.” To which the old man replies: “Yeah I know, and nice tits too.”

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Now THAT ^ I like!

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“Yes, we keep them underneath the silicone caulk.”

I need to wash my mouth out

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Ha ha!!

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