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Holding a DSLR?

Asked by justin5824 (196points) September 7th, 2008

How should I handle a DSLR. I know carefully, but I want to know if I can bear all the weight of a Nikon D60 from holding the the lens or MUST I bear all or most of the weight from the camera it self?

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You’ll make sure the body doesn’t break trying to hold a heavy lens and you’ll take steadier shots if you put your palm underneath the body and your fingers on the lens. When doing this put your elbow in the middle of your torso to brace your arm. I’m sure they build the camera bodies to hold a lot of lens weight but this way you’ll be safe.

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“All the weight of a Nikon D60” :p This is not really a very heavy DSLR, I have a K10, more heavy than a D60, and I often carry the camera by the lens, that’s really not a problem, even with the 18–55 kit.

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I have a Nikon D40 but a huge 70–300mm lens attached so i always carry it from the lens, or if im pointing it to the ground (when carrying) i hold the body. When shooting hold the grip where the shutter is and place your 1st finger on the shutter and you can use your thumb to manipulate the controls. Then with your other hand you can adjust zoom and focus (with manual focus)

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I allways shoot with 2 hands, one for control and the other to zoom and focus. I wouldn’t even consider holding it otherwise really…

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If you have a really large telephoto lens, you’ll find a tripod mount for it on the underside. You can, and should, use a tripod to stabilize the lens if you want to get a good shot. A monopod, which is much more portable, can be used for this purpose, too.

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Grip the right side of the body with your right hand, index finger on the shutter. Cradle the lens with your left palm, with thumb and index (or third finger*) on either side of the focus ring. This is a proven grip that will allow you to tweak the focus or the filters and operate the zoom when needed. Also, by supporting the lens, you will cut down on camera shake. Shake can be greater when you let the body support the lens.

* I know many who prefer to use their third finger here (with the index free to adjust a polarizer), but if you are new to the camera, be sure this doesn’t leave your index finger waggling in front of the lens.

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You want to do it the correct way?

Find the balancing point (center of gravity) of the lens mounted in the camera. Mark it if you want, hold it there.

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