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Will you miss Alex Trebek who died this morning after a battle with cancer?

Asked by janbb (59064points) November 8th, 2020

He was the host of the game show Jeopardy since its inception and a real gentleman. I used to watch it every night with my then husband and resumed watching it recently.

Now remember – your response must be in the form of a question.

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Aw, I thought they said he’d won that battle recently. Sad. He seemed to be a kind person.

Oh whoops… I never got the whole “form of a question” thing, it seemed to me they hardly ever actually really did that.

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I thought he really ran the show with intelligence and class.

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I’ll take “Brave Guys Up To The End” for $1000.
This guy made feel really dumb then really smart in less than five minutes.
Who’s passing had me shedding a few tears this morning?

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He always knew the correct pronunciation of foreign words and terms.
I enjoyed watching the show, and I am saddened by our loss of this wonderful man.
Oddly, almost immediately after hearing of his passing, I thought of his joining Sean Connery in the afterlife. Of course, Connery was the nemesis of Trebek in those wonderful SNL skits.

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$500 for What classy, elegant, intelligent man passed away of pancreatic cancer today?
I will miss him.

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I am unable to form a question for an answer.

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Great Guys for $2000 please

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I think Jeopardy will be airing new shows into December. And Trebek has a part in an upcoming Ryan Reynolds film.

We get to enjoy his new material a little longer.

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I thought he was really fantastic. Jeopardy in my opinion is one of the most wholesome shows, game show and otherwise, I think we’ll ever have! I have learned so much from it. There is never a time I did not want to watch Jeopardy – whether I’d just watched six episodes in a row or I hadn’t seen it for years. He will be missed. I cannot imagine who could replace him. RIP!

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Get out your hankies. A couple of recent tributes to Alex from recent contestants. They had the opportunity to thank Alex face-to-face.

Youtube links:

‘I learned English because of you. I sat on my grandfather’s lap every day and watched Jeopardy’

‘Contestant bets it all to declare‘We Love You, Alex’

Youtube may show you a commercial first, they do that now

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@Call_Me_Jay Yes, I saw the first one of those and I saw the game that he won.

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RIP Alex. May you be a premier host in the great beyond.

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@Call Me Jay Was the correct
question “how the-other half lives?”

The loss of Trebek is beyond sad. As with the program he personifies, he was the icon and rare exception in American television. Jeopardy—a tribute to intellect, superbly and consistently moderated; with Trebek Integral to the show for nearly 40 years. He was one class act that will not be replaced. Whatever happens to Jeopardy, it will never recover, and the country itself in these times can only be diminished at the loss of a man so dedicated to the celebration of knowledge.

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Yes, How the Other Half Lives by Jacob Riis

I knew that one because I lived and breathed photography in my teens and twenties. If you’ve ever seen a photo of 19th century New York City poverty, it was probably by Riis.

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1987 interview with Alex Trebek, during his third year on the job: Fresh Air with Terry Gross – Jeopardy’s Alex Trebek

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It was odd watching the show tonight and knowing he was dead. The producer did a nice intro though.

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I’ve wondered if they’ll choose Ken Jennings to succeed him.

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NSFW Jeopardy! 10/8/2004 – Ken Jennings

I still think that Ken Jennings was right. My favorite bit from Jeopardy.

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They were showing old clips of him on Entertainment Tonight from his very first Jeopardy and on. He was a good looking man. And seemed very nice.

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What am I missing? I enjoyed watching Jeopardy and I thought Trebek did a good job, but why all this excitement? The strongest compliment I have seen of him is that he was a decent guy. There are lots of decent guys, and in the interview with Terry Gross he seemed to have taken himself a bit too seriously at times.

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I basically agree with @LostInParadise.

When I watched Jeopardy, it wasn’t to see Alex, it was because I enjoyed trying to give the correct response to the clues.

Sometimes he’d talk over a contestant who was trying to select a clue, when I wanted to hear the clue instead.

This annoyed me, because sometimes they ran out of time before all the clues were selected.

Otherwise, he was an excellent host, and I loved his role as a Man in Black on the X Files. I thought he, Duchovny, and J the Body, all looked so good in that episode.

I was hoping that Kelly Miyahara would replace him when the time came, but since she left the Clue Crew in 2019, I guess that won’t be happening.

I’d wouldn’t mind seeing Ken Jennings become the new host. He seems like a very nice and humble person. I’d LMAO if he did, and couldn’t resist the urge to respond to the clues himself. :-D

I tried out for Jeopardy twice, and I didn’t make either time. However, I have this fantasy where I’m a contestant, and when they get to me during the segment where they chat with the contestants, my reply is, “Can we skip my boring story, and get back to the game?”

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