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Will you take the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine when it is made available to you?

Asked by crazyguy (3207points) November 9th, 2020

Preliminary data on the vaccine shows it is much more effective than anticipated. Fauci said he would be happy with 70–75% efficacy- see

Preliminary data shows 90%. Also, the vaccine approval will come under Biden, not Trump.

So will you take the vaccine?

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I can’t take any vaccines due to having Guillain Barre Syndrome 12 years ago. So for me the answer is no.

If not for that, I’d probably wait six to nine months to see what happened to others who took it. See if they got sick with something else, or got the virus anyway, or got reinfected with the virus if they’d had it in the past.

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I have never been one of the me first, me first people , I will sit back and wait to see about any side affects then probably.

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If my doctor is confident in it, I will. Too early to say today since the results are so preliminary.

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If approved by the FDA, I would take it. I need any and all protections from Covid because of heart conditions.

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After a time, if it is proven safe and effective with widespread use and depending on the advisedness of my doctor, sure.

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Last night on 60 Minutes, they said when a vaccine is approved, the first people that will get it are doctors and nurses.

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Since it won’t be out in time for Santa Clauses to get preferential treatment, I guess the Easter Bunnies just jumped to the front o the line….

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Assuming the final results show the same (or similar) efficacy, I’ll get it as soon as it’s available to me.

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All, thanks for your responses. Since covid-19 has turned our socialites upside down, I can hardly wait.

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If my MD gives it and me the green light then absolutely.

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Of course.

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Fauci likes it, and supports its use. I’m in.

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What if Trump were still the President?

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@crazyguy Same answer. If my MD gives it and me the green light, then absolutely.

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If an actual first world country like Germany approves it as well, yes. If Fauci approves it, yes.

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I’ll go by my doctor’s recommendation.
I resisted getting a flu shot for many years because it made me sick twice. The newer shots were said to not do that and the last four years proved true. I had this year flu shot last week.

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Yes, probably. I’m not an anti-vaxer and the president would have nothing to do with me choosing to get vaccinated.

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Only if trump is out of office and Dr Fauci has taken it

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I hope nothing happens to Fauci because without him to tell us what to do , we’re all gonna die.

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^ My prayer every night. I’d prefer to die without Fauci than die with trump

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Since the high risk groups would be given it first, it will show how reliable and safe it is. I will decide then.

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All, from what I have read about the vaccine and the results of the study, which will be published soon, the vaccine is safe and has an efficacy much greater than the minimum required by Fauci. The interim study was done when the number of positives in the study population hit 94, which was much higher than the initial target of 32. While Pfizer and the FDA were discussing a new target of 62, the actual number of positives reached 94.

As far as I am concerned, if the press release is proven correct by the actual data, I will be among the first to sign up for it. Since I am elderly, the vaccine will be made available to me among the first or second batch.

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The first to be eligible for the vaccine will be doctors and nurses, @crazyguy.

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No, I prefer the wait and see approach as to effects on the population first.

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ME TOO!!!!!^^^^^^^^^^

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@jca2 That is why I said “the first or second”. I have seen reports that the elderly may be included along with doctors and nurses.

@Inspired_2write I hope none of the doubters catch covid while they are waiting for reviews…

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@crazyguy: About 30% of the US population is over 60, so I am doubting the elderly will be included with the doctors and nurses for the first go-round.

US Population by age, 2019:,adults%20aged%2025%20to%2029.%20There%20were%20

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My guess for vaccinations – – – Doctors, nurses, first responders, Armed Forces, nursing home residents & employees, people with severe medical conditions, elderly and everybody else !

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@jca2 You may well be right. Let me rephrase my answer: I may not be first or second but, whenever the vaccine is made available for me, I WILL TAKE IT.

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Definitely, I will take if WHO confirms it.

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@Jahid1555 I sure hope you don’t catch COVID while you are waiting.

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All, thanks for your answers. Now, with even better results and better practicality for the Moderna vaccine, I think we’ll have more doses, and perhaps faster availability. To those who would rather wait to see some results among the general population, just ask yourself the question: how can anecdotal observations be any better than a randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind study?

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The Moderna vaccine is better simply because to does not have to be stored at ridiculously low temperatures.

It looks like I will most likely be in the second tranche to receive a vaccine; the first being health care workers and those who work in elder care facilities. The second group will be those “elderly” (I am 65) with preexisting conditions, such as my heart disease.

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@crazyguy: On another thread, another Jelly said Fauci said it would be available to the average population around May or June, after going to health care professionals first. I’ll try to link it, since we’re not supposed to name names of other Jellies on other threads, according to the rules.

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As long as trusted organizations say it’s safe, I’ll happily take it. I feel fairly protected. The EU makes sure all our cucumbers are the same size – they wouldn’t want me exposed to any harmful drug.

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@crazyguy “To those who would rather wait to see some results among the general population, just ask yourself the question: how can anecdotal observations be any better than a randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind study?”

Because I have particular health issues that you’re not going to find among the test group. Hence, I don’t do anything health/drug related without consulting with my specialist doctor first.

It may surprise you to learn, since you’ve already deemed all of us “illogical”, but sometimes people do have sound reasons for their decisions.

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