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Anybody else excited that the First Dog elect is going to be a rescue dog?

Asked by SEKA (5984points) 2 months ago

Major is a German Shepherd that Biden rescued in 2018. Personally, I find it exciting that we will finally have a rescue in a position of honor who will hopefully increase the interest in adopting a rescue. Your thoughts?

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Definitely happy about this. My rescue corgi mix gives Major and Champ’s upcoming move four paws up.

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I’m just glad that there will be First Pets again!

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Don’t forget Champ, Major’s co-dog. He’s been to the White House before. They got him in 2008.

Two very good boys are headed to the White House

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Yes, yes, yes!!!

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As excited as any dog would be to have so many things to pee on!

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After this administraion, I’d bring in a cadaver dog.

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Since ALL my pets have been rescues for more than 50 year, I am MORE than thrilled to see a rescue in the WH & just as excited to see any dog back in the WH!!! I have a hard time trusting anyone who doesn’t love dogs!!!

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I love dogs and cats and am happy there will be a pet or two in the WH. I look forward to some dawg pix.

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@jca2 Me too. I want lots of pix of Champ and Major gamboling about. :-)

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Sure, I’m all about rescue’s over breeders.

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I happen to think there is a place for both rescues and reputable breeders and I’m happy there will be one of each in the White House.

And a loving family as well.

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^^ Agreed. I have had both and doggies of all stripes are welcome.

Plus, I can’t wait to see news coverage of zoomies on the White House lawn.

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Any pet in the White House is a welcome change!

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“Can you imagine me walking a dog on the White House lawn?” Trump said.

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I can’t imagine any dog liking him.

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I’m thrilled about the Bidens’ canine companion, as is Sadie, my own rescue dog.

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With those 2 monsters, I think the fence could come down from around the White House. I just though that Major looked like he could do a major job until I saw Champ. I wouldn’t want to be the one looking down the snouts of those 2 while PO’d

Good to see that we have so many rescue supporters here :)

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