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I am thinking about getting into WoW...

Asked by pplufthesun (612points) September 7th, 2008

I am a highschool student and I am thinking about getting into WoW. Do you think that this is a smart move. I only make about $100 a month, is it worth it?

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World of Wrestling?

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Why not try to study harder rather than spending your time on a multiplayer game?!

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Look at the topics. He is talking about World of Warcraft.

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Oh world of warcraft?! not worth it I’m sorry (and about topics) Necro talk this kid.

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They’re talking about Warcraft.

Well it won’t cost you that much in money but it has drained the social life and skills of some people and cost others their jobs and school careers. That being said, if you’re responsible about it I suppose it could be kind of fun. The thing is that you’ll find after playing for a few weeks that the game is really just repetition. Observe:

1. Talk to some NPC.
2. Get a quest that amounts to one of: kill X of animal/monster Y or go get object X which involves killing millions of animal/monster Y.
3. Get some money and experience and maybe some better gear.
4. Go to 1.

There’s no denying that this is the crux of the game. I played it for a while but as soon as I saw this blatant pattern the fun dropped off quite fast.

An geez people, put some thought and time into your answers.

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Okay kid! Check your comments.

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Whip’em out Wednesdays?

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big thangs poppin

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A highschool student discovers the wonders of WoW, gets very much in to it, becomes very good at it, joins raiding guilds…....
Fast forward a few months, this otherwise smart kid is failing every single class, suffers insomnia and lacking social skills.

Thankfully, in this story, there were family, friends and teachers around who cared enough to stage an intervention, gave the kid a wake-up call and a chance to pass his high school exams by taking summer classes.

You tell me, does that sound appealing??

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Hey uh you guys what to see something funny….i’m sorry but you have to see this.

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wow let me use it.

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What’s the difference, besides money, with WoW? I’ve spent the past 3 summers wasting my time addicted to one game or another, first it was Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl, second it was Battlefield 2142 and thirdly Team Fortress 2. Do I regret getting addicted? Yes, of course I do. I pulled myself together though, although it falls apart every summer, I ensure I get through school, I want to get to university, so I work for it, even if I do have a computer addiction, I still do well. By all means, if you’re interested, get into WoW. It’s no more addictive then any other game, most games will have objectives, or places you want to get to, or things you want to do, in Sim City it was always a bigger city, in Battlefield it was always getting those new weapons, in Call of Duty it was always getting those medals, with WoW it’s just about getting better. Yes it has money attached but it doesn’t mean you have to become addicted to the game. Sure, WoW gamers may seem more addicted to games, but other games just don’t get the media coverage I guess. As I said before, I’ve been addicted to games, none of which were MMORPG.

My advice to you is to make a wise decision. Yeh, it’s easier said then done. But if you can control the time you spend on games, and you feel like giving it a shot then do so, I’m not in any position to tell you ‘yes’ or ‘no’. I can say however is this, if you find yourself questioning yourself whether or not you will get addicted, then you will get addicted, and you should proceed with caution :).

Whatever you chose to do, enjoy it!

comma bomb :(

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Do it. Just quit before you get to college.

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Get out of your moms basement, study hard.

Wow is for those that lack massive social skills.

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The idea that playing WoW somehow turns you into some sort of anti-social freak is just the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. It is a SOCIAL game. The entire point of the game is to play with other people, making friends, cooperating and planning strategies to take out big bosses, etc. I’ve made real friends playing WoW that I talk to outside of WoW. I play WoW with my real life friends and it keeps us in touch even if we have moved away from each other.

How many friends have you made recently while watching TV? Do you strike up conversations with the people at the movie theater and invite them over for dinner later?

Yes there is a subset of people that become too involved in the game and it ends up hurting their grades or job performance because they stayed up too late, etc. These are extreme cases though, there are not 10 million people failing college or getting fired just because they play WoW. These people could just as easily choose other activities over studying or sleeping for work, it is not just WoW. How many people do you think fail out of college because they stay up drinking and partying all night? Of course that’s “cool” to do so people actually brag about it rather than be ashamed.

Point is, it’s a game. If you enjoy it, then keep playing. Don’t forget your real world duties like work or school, just like any other activity.

As for it being repetitive, yes it can be. But pretty much every game is repetitive. You’re either killing monsters over and over, solving the same puzzles, etc. Life is pretty repetitive itself. But, if you don’t have fun playing a particular game, then don’t play it.

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Oh my goodness. Everyone calm down. Just because you play WoW doesn’t mean you have to be addicted. I’ve played casually for over a year, now, and I think it’s a great game. The best MMORPG out there, for my money. Blizzard does a really good job with everything. Go for it!

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i agree with blueding iv’e played wow often with my friends too we just start a new char then we play together now and then untill our game time cards run out and then we just continue doing normal stuff…Parteeyy!!XD so it definately is possible to play wow without getting addicted but it’s always good to have a close friend nearby to pull one out of addiction if it gets too intense.

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