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What are your weirdest conspiracy theories?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19785points) November 10th, 2020

Like Trump is a Democratic mole to ruin the Republican party.

Or that Obama was Muslim.

Humor welcomed.

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Melania is Trump’s KGB handler, sent to make him a tool of Moscow. Well, not weird, but it’s my favorite.

I think it’s SVR now, not KGB. Whatever

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Trump is trying to amass legions of his followers in revolt so he can stage a coup and become HRH King Trump.

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That Obama was Muslim? Well, I heard from people being serious that he was the Anti-Christ, as a popular opinion on Sodahead back around 2008.

Everything I’ve heard the QAnon people say is way up near the top of the most wacko stuff:

(Trump is a hero secretly trying to save us all from the pizzeria-pedophiles Hillary and Obama and the military space lasers that California has been using to set the wildfires in order to get Federal relief money which fortunately Trump realized was a scam and so wouldn’t give them, which you can tell because the fires burned some houses to the ground while sparing others which is obviously space lasers, and Trump created the Space Force to reveal that we actually already have a space fleet which we haven’t seen yet because it is hiding behind the moon, but is great because there is a space alien fleet that plans to threaten Earth, and it really starts to make sense when you hear about the Nazis who, when Germany was losing the Second World War, fled in force successfully to the Arctic ice caps, but was pursued by the USA and the result was Nazis coming to the USA… etc…”)

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The weirdest is probably Covid being caused by 5G cell sites. A close friend swears it’s true.
They also believe fluoride in water is for mind control.

My favorite is that Jar Jar Binks is a sith lord, and cleverly controlled the situations in the first trilogy.

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I had one, a good one (original, too), but I forgot it already.

Just as well, because some fool might have believed it.

I did say, back when Trump was newly elected, that I was glad he belonged to the Republicans and not the Democrats.

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Don’t get me started. I’ve harped on this one in here before, because its one I lived through here in Texas, not so long ago. Within the last 6 to 7 years in fact. I give you Operation Jade Helm, the nefarious plot led by Hillary and Obama to declare martial law in the Southwest, (Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona), seize guns from citizens, and all dissenters or dissidents would be detained in Walmart basements. Yes, you read that right. According to the story, Walmart’s across Tx. were being closed just for this purpose. In addition, unmarked white vehicles full of UN troops had been seen driving through certain rural areas of Texas, supposedly to assist with the oppression when called on. (And the Grand Prize for whackadoodle far right and Republican conspiracy theories goes to… drum roll please…Operation Jade Helm! )

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Trump figured he was going to be president for at least 4 more years and did not want the social security system to go bankrupt on his watch.
He wanted to spread Covid so it would kill off elderly patients in nursing homes and sickly individuals in hospitals to reduce the drain.

We know this is a conspiracy theory because he was never bothered by the bankruptcies on his watch of: Trump hotels, Trump Airlines, Trump Steaks, Trump University, Trump Vodka, (a fitting name), Trump Mortgage, Trump Magazine, Trump The Game, Trump….

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This one should have been laughable and eyeroll-inducing from its very origins. Instead, it incited a man to enter a D.C. pizzeria with loaded weapons and fire shots. This one should also be “old news” by now, but, thanks to QAnon and gullible believers, remains very active.

Hillary Clinton and John Podesta run a child-sex-trafficking ring, along with some help from Barak Obama and other Democratic leaders. The children are held in the basement of a D.C. restaurant and transported through underground tunnels (Comet Ping Pong doesn’t have a basement). Nancy Pelosi owns an office building directly across the street and is heavily involved (there’s a large gasoline station across the street). Hillary and her cohorts sometimes cannibalize the children and drink their blood.

I’d love to say that nothing will ever be worse than this conspiracy “theory,” but I’ve learned not to have such hopes.

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5G for sure.

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@filmfann The fluoride thing is reality imitating art. In the movie Dr. Strangelove, General Jack. D. Ripper is always talking about how the commies are using fluoride in water to poison our “Precious bodily juices”. LMAO Always liked that movie. Dark comedy but hilarious. And considering it came out in 1964, is oddly reflective of our modern world in some respects. “No fighting in the War Room!”

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Link from Dr. Strangelove. Jack D. Ripper must have been a Trumper.

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The anti-fluoride hysteria pre-dated Dr. Strangelove. It was a John Birch Society hobby horse. My grandmother said fluoridation was a commie plot.

This is from the libertarian site Reason:
”[Dr. Strangelove] was a leftist highbrow swipe at the John Birch Society’s (JBS) opposition to the campaign to fluoridate community water supplies in the 1950s. The JBS opposed the fluoridation of public water supplies on the grounds that it is an involuntary mass medical treatment that violates individual rights.”

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@Call_Me_Jay Thanks for posting, I never knew that.

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Re 5G. Conspiracy theories about phones have been around as long as cell phones have been around. We dealt with it in the 90s, even before we went digital.

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Yeah. The brain cancer thing.

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