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What is the probability of a standard human being born on any given day of the year?

Asked by ragingloli (49446points) November 12th, 2020

Will every day of the year have a roughly equal likelyhood of being the standard human’s birthday?
Or will there be a range of days of the year with elevated probabilities, clustered around certain seasons, months, holiday seasons, etc, with human mating rituals influenced by cultural norms.
Would it be reasonable to say, that while humans have no biological mating seasons, they instead have cultural mating seasons?

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This article is actually about most common birthdays in the US, not the world – The Most Common Birthdays in the World – WorldAtlas

Top Ten
1 September 9th
2 September 19th
3 September 12th
4 September 17th
5 September 10th
6 July 7th
7 September 20th
8 September 15th
9 September 16th
10 September 18th

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^^^ So, what exactly are people doing, during the holiday season, to cause so many births about 40 weeks after? Hmmm…I just don’t know what could happen when people take a break from life’s burdens, relax, celebrate, and spend time with the ones dearest to them.

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I always found it seemed like a lot of people were born in August. I speculated that when the weather started getting chilly (November), couples were keeping each other warm.

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And a lot of sex over Christmas and New Years. Some of which is drunken sex.

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All those September birthdays are further evidence that Santa comes but once a year.

Certainly the coldness of the season is a contributer. The goodwill and cheer of the holidays as well.
It would be interesting to see if this is true South of the equator.

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What an awesome question.

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Gives a whole new meaning to Labor Day

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@Call_Me_Jay So the September birthdays are reasoned through but what on earth is going on that one day in October??

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@dxs July, not October, right? I can’t vouch for or explain the results. I just put up the link. I googled, found that and a couple of other sites that agreed, and I posted it. For all I know they could all be copying the same erroneous source.

Sorry, I should have stated that before.

For the USA, the Social Security Administration has the data, but with a quick google I could not find a source citing them.

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I don’t think a “standard human being” is born on any given day! We’re all freaks and geeks!

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