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What is your opinion on this relationship?

Asked by Miki111 (8points) November 15th, 2020 from iPhone

I dated a beautiful woman that has a good job and her own house, she is separated and has a child. I had an almost minimum wage job but she always asked me for money, I was giving her £400 a month to support her with her debts as she is paying the mortgage alone. Eventually we stop seeing each other because I could not buy her a 3k watch. She always said she wants a real “man” to take care of her.. the point is I like her and sex was good, I know still can have a chance if I return to her 3k that she borrowed from me and now she said I gave her as present, however she paid me back.
Shall I contact her ? If I love her

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No. She will suck you dry – and not in a good way. She has shown her true colors and as much as you love her, she is not the one for you.

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She’s a whore. You were paying her L 400 for sex. Was it worth it? And the price just went up.

You’re being taken for a ride. She is looking for a sugar daddy, not a relationship. She doesn’t like you, she likes your money.

Run away now.

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I think it’s pretty obvious that this is a woman who wants a man who will give her an easy materialistic life.

You’re not that guy.

She’ll eventually find someone richer, and you’ll be hung out to dry with nothing at all.

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Move on, and count yourself lucky that she returned the 3 grand. I won’t ask how you managed to accumulate 3000 pounds or can afford an outlay of 400 a month on minimum wage. Are you living with her? Face it. You’re too poor for her. Thank your lucky stars she’s principled enough to pay back your loan. Find a girl you can afford.

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I did not live with her, she introduced me her daughter and she was a decent young girl. I had some money because I was doing 3 jobs and I had a property rented. She kept saying a man should be the provider and I got the money because I told her I might take to court.
Now she told me I might get a chance if I gave her the money .. is hard to get out is like addiction

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Think of it like ripping off an elastoplast and just walk away. Cut off all contact and stay busy with other things.

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Dump he, she’s a gold digger.

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Boyfriend say no. Find nicer girlfriend.

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Cut off any contact, never speak to her again. You think you love her, while she’s made it clear that she doesn’t give a shit about you. If you’re doing this for sex then you might as well find a call girl. At least that would be an honest relationship between the two of you.

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Run and don’t look back.

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It doesn’t matter how much you love her. It’s plain as the nose on your face that she does NOT love you!!! UNLESS you are willing to pay her to have sex with you for the rest of your life, she will keep looking elsewhere!!! Set her free to find her “real” man who can afford to support her in the fashion that she prefers. I bet that she CANNOT find one & that’s why she’s coming back to you asking for more money. You DESERVE to be treated better than this, so find you a “real” woman who will have sex with you because she LOVES you & NOT because you pay her to!!!

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The difference between paying for sex and getting it for free is that it’s cheaper to pay for it…

Move on.

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Ditto @LadyMarissa If you have to pay for it, go to a cat house.

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Just looking at this from the outside, I think you may have jumped a shark. You sound like a nice guy. I do not believe she deserves you. Suck it up and move on to a “real” woman who loves you, not your money.

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I agree with the hooker thing. It kind of sounds like thats what’s keeping you around.

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Now she told me I might get a chance if I gave her the money

Did you notice the word might? She didn’t say she “would” but instead said she “might”. It’s been my experience that “might” can turn into “might not” very fast and she will have your money and there will be “nothing” that you can do about it but cry

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Only you know the relationship, but it sounds rather abusive to me. You deserve to be loved for you and not your money. And I’m horrified at what her child is learning from her, about love and men. Very sad situation.

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I’m thinking a high end escort would be cheaper and the sex would probably be better.

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Whoa…kinky!!! LoL

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It’s an extra $200 for beating.

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@Lightlyseared High end escorts are a few hundred pounds/euros an hour, up to thousands for a whole day.

They’re really not cheaper.

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But at least your financial obligations end when you walk out the door.

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Well at least there’s no subterfuge of pretense. She’s right out front with what she expects and why.

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Maybe he needs to be up front to her about why she can expect him to dump her, and why.

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