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How do you purchase a new home once you have been through a foreclosure?

Asked by broac (5points) August 2nd, 2007 from iPhone
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Well it depends how long ago the foreclosure was. How is your credit since the foreclosure?

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What state are you located?

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A few weeks ago. It's a long unbelieveable story how green I was and believed everything and any thing different realtors have told me. And in the end I lost my home. I live in Kentucky. I am presently living in the home. I have not been kicked out yet.

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Do you have any room to refi out of your current loan? Is there any equity in
the home? How long have you owned it? Could you just not afford the payments?

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we have owned it for 8 years . We got behind due to illness. They put us on a payment plan for six months with higher payment. We payed it on time everytime. I understood we would go back to our original payment. But they continued with the higher payment. Then I got involved with this realty co who said they would find an investor to buy the house on short sale and then we would lease the house from him for a year and then buy it back. In the meantime my house was forclosed on. I went to a lawyer who said I had plenty of time to save my home by filing bankruptcy chapter 13. A week later my home was sold. We can afford the payments now through budgeting.

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There are actually companies that will work with you for free to buy your mortgage away from your mortgage company and avoid your foreclosure. I would advise looking into this first. Try . Good luck!

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