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If a very large or a very small person is sent to prison, is the prison obliged to supply a properly sized uniform?

Asked by elbanditoroso (30889points) November 18th, 2020

Say there was a 7 foot tall,350 lb. prisoner. Maybe wears size 56 pants, long, and a 4XL shirt.

Prisons generally require inmates to all the same uniform. What would a prison do with a very big inmate?

(or for that matter, a 5’4” 120-lb. male inmate?)

How do prisons handle strange sizes?

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The small guy rolls his pant legs and shirt sleeves up so he doesn’t trip and can pick things up.

The big guy’s legs look like “floods” and his shirt is unbuttoned. They are all wearing jumpsuits anyway.

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I’ve seen inmates clad in color-coded garments that indicate the nature of their offense, such as all red for very violent. In this system, all colors would have to be available in a range of sizes. Perhaps some prison shops sew garments?

I’ve also seen inmates wearing plastic shoes that were too small, so the heel of the shoe dug into the sole of their foot and they were better off with their feet wrapped in cloth rags.

In general I would guess that prison staff don’t concern themselves overmuch with the comfort of inmates.

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Some of the prisons might have a sewing shop where they sew uniforms. They might tell the prison that is housing the large prisoner to wait a day or two so they could get some big uniforms sewn and sent.

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I would say that not supplying the proper attire for prison life would constitute cruel and unusual punishment.

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